We’ve been informed we are
flying  at 29,000 feet (approximately)
above the face of the Earth,
suspended (how? by speed, lift and whatnot)
like a moving planet jettisoned in a line
moving at the speed of sound (light?).
Refreshments are served,
secured with invisible payments
traveling via plastic and magnets
swiped by staff standing still
as we travel at 575 miles per hour (approximately).
My snack appears and I’m handed my cup.
Nary a drop spills as I glance at clouds
rushing by like white airborne water,
and I can’t help wonder at which is harder to believe,
that people can walk on air

or that Jesus walked on water.

This is a re-post from the archives….we are winging our way on another vacation–long-awaited–to California with friends and family.
Here’s to more miracles.

4 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. I have often marveled at the miracle of flight, and our rapid progress from Kitty Hawk to the moon. And you're right, Jody: Jesus' ability to walk on water is only slightly more incredible! Thank you for drawing our attention to another wonder-moment (flying) in our lives.

  2. It really is amazing, isn't it?! Flying, walking on air- or water. God, our creator, has given us world full of wonder.

  3. I love this Jody. You captured the feeling of flying in words and liked where you went with it. I enjoy your succinct posts, your use of words. I came over here and visited after you were on my blog. I subscribed so I can visit more often without having to remember to do so!

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