Mountain Climbing

Last summer my precious friend Leah Richardson, Interior Designer and author, asked if I’d like to do a guest post for her blog Creative Overflow.  I was honored to do so. 
I’m sharing it again here on my space and pray that it will minister to you today. 
(You can read the original post here.)
One day I read a quote from a preacher, via a very wise woman:

“Honey, if the mountain was smooth,  you wouldn’t be able to climb it!”


I. WHAT should I have? The right Tools and Equipment

Crampons/boots to steady your feet along the path- “feet shod with the gospel of peace”
A walking stickwhat are you leaning on?
The right clothes– to stay warm, protect you- “put on Christ”
Enough food– the Word for your daily bread and living water
A Flashlight/lantern– to light the path
A Map is most important- to know the way

CLIMBINGalong the way

II. HOW am I going to do it? So I am not overwhelmed- “Man this is a big mountain!”

One step at a time- using the light you’ve been given
Follow the signs- Pay ATTENTION!
Stay Focused on the path- don’t look to the right or to the left
With the encouragement of others- ”I’m praying for you”, ”God is faithful!”
Rest and Refresh along the way- no reason to hurry
Most Important: Eat, drink and breathe daily- Read God’s Word and breathe the breath of the Holy Spirit

AT THE TOPTime to Stop

III. WHY did I climb this mountain? PURPOSE

To Get God’s perspective – because you can see better from the top!
To Prove you could do it– build your faith
To be strengthened– for the next challenge
To come down and encourage others– ”You won’t believe what I saw!” , ”If I can make it, so can you!”

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3 thoughts on “Mountain Climbing

  1. I love this, Jody! I'm still looking for smooth mountains. Seems like I should know better and use this advice to better prepare! Much love to you, my friend.

  2. Jody oh how this post ministered to me. Thank you friend. I needed that. Have had some crazy days these past week with my mom very ill and in hospital and well just lots going on with little little sleep.. so today honestly had fear creep up and creep in about what God is calling me to.. what is going on .. ect.. so this really ministred to me. And it reminds me of when I climbed mt. Fuji in japan.. had absolutly no idea what i was getting into.. and it was a tough journey but it was well worth it. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thank you, Jody Lee. Having been a backpacker and, in my younger days, climbed Mount Whitney, understand the needs of a climber. Yet, your wonderful godly perspective gives me a completely new outlook from which to see this part of my life's experiences. Much to ponder. I am going to copy this down in my journal so I have a direct ponder-sheet!
    May your day be filled with delight and joy, ~ linda

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