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My Favorite Poem From my New Book

Drawing from my son Aaron, circa 1981

What My Grandkids Will Say About Me on Oprah

When my grandkids talk to Oprah
    about their Nana, the famous writer,
they will say words were my oxygen–
    to read, to write, to share,
and that I spent way too much money
    at Thrift Stores on books by dead authors–
Emily Dickinson, George Herbert, LM Montgomery
    and Keats.

They will also tell her I loved to sing–
    another form of breathing–
and how I embarrassed them in public
    by belting out the “Tomorrow” song from Annie
or grabbing their elbows in the mall
    while shouting “We’re off to see the Wizard!”

They will announce to the world,
    in front of God and everybody,
that my profession as a teacher was their   
    greatest undoing;
constantly coaching them about penmanship,
the correct formation of the letter “a”
    or while reading, pointing out misread syllables in
    a favorite text.

They will oblige Ms. O’s prodding by adding the death 
that I couldn’t help myself when it came to learning,
    revealing in hushed tones I often resorted
    to using an encyclopedia as torture 
    (the 1956 World Book edition).

My grandchildren will remind her, however,
    (before the commercial break)
my best qualities were the way I delighted in the world,
    showing them wonders in the garden,
surprises in the grass, the avian miracles of
    chickadees and juncos in the branches 
    or robins in the birdbath.

Most of all, when my grandkids talk to Oprah,
    they will tell her my lungs longed for the breath of
    Heaven, the Word, and how its oxygen proved
    my greatest life support throughout my livelong days.

Tell me friends, if you have grandchildren, what would they tell Oprah how about your life? I would love to hear in the comments.

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  • David C Brown

    Very good – though what your grandkids would really say would be interesting!
    I guess mine would describe me as an eccentric old chap, who told bad jokes (especially the ones he make up himself), but who did really want have the Lord Jesus first in his life.

  • Helen L Washington

    This is so wonderful Jody!
    So many wonderful things to list out and the wonderful blessing is that it is just the tip of the iceberg of the ways you are a precious grandma!

  • Katie Brewster

    I just LOVE this poem, Jody!
    Especially: “the correct formation of the letter “a”
    and: “that I couldn’t help myself when it came to learning”
    and: “Most of all, . . .they will tell her my lungs longed for the breath of
    Heaven, the Word, and how its oxygen proved
    my greatest life support throughout my livelong days.”
    AND the cover is beautiful!

    My prayer is that my grands would tell Ms. O:
    Nana laughed a lot, she colored with me, pushed me on the swings, we did jigsaw puzzles together, let me sit on her lap while she read to me, baked us cookies and sent us care packages with silly cheap stuff from the dollar store, we watered the flowers in her yard, had sleepovers at her house, she and Papa flew out to visit us in CA and TX, vacationed at Sandy Cove for family reunion one year, shared Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts, took walks with us, talked with us about Jesus and God’s faithfulness, and prayed for us.

    • Jody Lee Collins

      Katie, this is a great list…. you are some wonderful Nana!

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