Never Give Up-a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Because I didn’t know any better than to just ASK, I did. 
One year ago this week (January 23rd, to be exact), I unabashedly reached a virtual hand into the blogosphere, soliciting help and advice from 3 people at The High Calling, an online Christian writing community, about my desire to (finally) do something about my writing.
I took their advice and encouragement and hit ‘Publish’, sending Three Way Light out into the world, commemorating not only the birth of this blog, but the 10th birthday of my first grandson, Hanan Samuel. 

I leave you with Hanan’s profound words, shared on a hike the previous Summer up to Multnomah Falls in Oregon. 
I was having second thoughts about continuing the steep climb and thought perhaps we should head back down. 
Then this:
(preceded by the words, “Well, Nana, you know……..”)

What we saw………
View from the streambed that leads over the heights 
where the water comes crashing down

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13 thoughts on “Never Give Up-a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. I am so thankful you took the plunge (no pun about waterfalls here!) and began your blog. I always glean something worthwhile from your writing. No shallow, heard-it-before postings here! You also have a God-given gift with words. So not only do I read your blog for content, but for the pleasure of your style and voice. Please keep going, Jody! P.S. I, too, love the photos!

  2. Stopping by from Still Saturdays… Your pictures are breath taking. And a wonderful reminder to us all, to never give up! 🙂 blessings to you

  3. When those words came out of his mouth I wanted to hug his parents (my son and his wife.) That attitude is a tribute to their good upbringing. It's all God (and we are blessed because of it.) Thanks for stopping by Sylvia.

  4. And that's something awesome!
    (So much wisdom comes from children, I somehow think they're often closer to God… and then we put obstacles before them…)

  5. congrats on your first year. Glad we have connected. Love the message today too and the photos are wonderful! may you have many many more years playing with words and with the Word!

  6. I'm amazed by your photos, and by Hanan's words. That kid's got it going on, doesn't he?
    Congratulations on one year! You are doing a wonderful thing, my friend.

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