No Telling–A Photo Essay

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Garden going in day  May 2013
I feel bad about my cucumbers. Truly.

They are my favorites–lemon cukes–so called because of their shape (round) their color(yellow) and their size (small).

This year I have planted them three times.  THREE.
First time was a seedling–I know, cheating–but it was necessary jumpstart in my book.  It was after Mother’s Day here in the Pacific Northwest when I finally got the garden dirt tilled and ready to plant.

The seedlings did not fare well.  What’s up with that?  Poor soil?  Rootbound? 
No telling.

So I started again.  Like a real gardener–from seed.
(Last year’s seeds, but I thought, “They’re cucumbers, not rare blue poppies; cucumbers always grow.”)

Wrong.  Same sad story.  Pitiful, languishing petals against the drab ground.  What is up?
There’s just no telling.

So.  I purchased new seeds–for this season.  Surely these will sprout and take over like last year’s plants did, flourish and spill, generate the golden gems we enjoyed last summer.


Um, below is a photo of this year’s crop-to be–there is one petal.  One.
(Thank God for the faithful honeybees for the one!)
And one petal means one cucumber. 


Unlike last year’s vines.  I mentioned last year’s harvest? Yes? (see above.)
PRO-lific. Overabundant.  A joy to behold–provided a veritable feast each evening I walked out to the garden to pick a few cukes for dinner.  Yum.

And then, ten feet away we have the sweet peas.  Same garden, same dirt, same sun. Same water. 
Unlike the cucumbers, the sweet peas don’t know when to stop.  They’re exploding. 
I pick 1 or 2 bunches every other day and bring the heavenly fragrance inside to enjoy.

The faithful flowers just keep showing up each day, growing, climbing, bursting joy.

Why?  What’s different for the sweet peas from the cucumbers?

(I’m sure the scarecrows have nothing to do with it. They’re friendly.  We checked.)

I guess there’s just no telling.

Why do some seeds grow and others not?

When I look at the seeds of ideas and dreams, the kernels of promises God has placed in my heart, I’m stumpified if I can figure out why some grow and flourish and bring fruit and others just sit. They rarely break the surface in my life, just lie there and wait.

It is no small frustration to me to see the disparity and the imbalance.  It’s a mystery.  Some seeds are buried deep in the ground.

I want fruit and growth everywhere in my life.  I struggle with a relationship here but another one is growing.  My gifts are growing in one area and in another I’m still waiting. 
I take two steps forward and one step back and wonder, “God, when will I ever have victory or see the fruit of this particular seed of need I have to grow?”

“What about my dreams? The promises you gave me? Will they come to pass in my lifetime?  Or maybe I’m just part of your plan for eternity….not now?”

A lightbulb went off the other day when I was reading. God’s word to me, loud and clear.
I guess I’ll have to keep on sowing, receiving the light God gives, be obedient to what I know and what will grow will grow.

There’s really no telling.

Deuteronomy 29:29
“The secret things belong to the Lord our God,<sup class="crossreference" value="(AR)”>
but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever,
that we may follow all the words of this law.”
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  1. I think sometimes if our entire life was flourishing there would be no need to till, harvest, plant, water, and grow. As much as I would like to say that I'd like my life to be that one seed in which is abundant, I find myself clinging to what I know to be that of his word. In his word putting it in to practice day by day. Right now, I am in a season where hard work is of the utmost importance. Why? So I can learn and grow. It is in this process that I must be patient for things to grow at God's speed and not my own! I need Him to till, harvest, plant, water, and grow me because if I tend to my own garden I will most surely jack it all up. That is the graciousness of Jesus and I am all about being dug up and replanted!!!

    Good stuff my dear friend, stuff to chew on and ponder within!

  2. Getting back on center…I think I'm in that place each day. Thank God 'his mercies are new every morning.' Amen?

  3. Hi Jody Lee! I had to laugh at your comment about checking with scarecrows! Can't be too careful, right?

    Imbalance sure is a mystery, and I need God to help me get back to my center. He'll find the way!

    Peace in Christ,

  4. Smile. Gotta keep trusting in the Father who brings the sun, the rain and the growth….

  5. I so love this, Jody. I love it because there is only the unknown and the trusting. No pat answers. And I love that God talks to you through your garden. Just like me.

  6. Great analogy here! Now, if only you had all the answers! 🙂

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. I want to continue to learn to listen to the lessons 'out there' in God's creation. God give us ears to hear, amen?

  8. What beautiful imagery from your garden, Jody. So much of life is a mystery. Events leave us puzzled; questions beg answers. What we do have is a gracious, loving God whom we can trust. And you're right: our best option is to obey. Thank you for reminding us of important truths.

  9. Kel, you're so encouraging….thanks. And may God give us both grace to wait and trust.

  10. Jody- This hits the spot for where I am at spiritually…I have wondered the same thing…why does one area of my life seem to be flourishing, while another lies fallow. Keep sowing the light, my friend!


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