After the garden—

The giving away, the giving up

The ghastly truth poured out,

Words like threadbare sheets

Could not cover the lies,

I do not know him!

Yet He Who Can Be Known

Returned for this one,

Walking first in The Way

Then across the waves,

Wooing with words and

An outstretched hand,

Covering falsehoods with

A grace-laced cloak of

Red, the once and for all act

Voicing louder than any denial

You are the Rock. Let me build

Something great in you.

And so He begins, over-

Turning stones, handing them

One at a time and I palm them

Facedown at the cross, build

An altar of pebble truths,

They mark my freedom and we

Turn, walk together on

The Way, solid under my feet.

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