Pointer–Where to Find Beauty

I am on day four of a 5 day teaching position in Special Ed (3rd-6th grade) and there aren’t too many spare moments to sit at my desk and write (although the ideas are scribbled in little journals about my house).

I feel anchored while I’m sailing, but the seas have been fast and deep.

I long to keep this space one that rings of beauty and truth that point to my Jesus and to that end I would like to introduce you to Lanier Ivester She writes a remarkable piece, part one of “Creativity–Spiritual Battle and Spiritual Discipline,” about the process of writing (and all the arts, really).

Lanier’s words have stunned me silent–literally left me speechless–especially this piece, “Songless” with their glorious, creative spark of our Creator. She writes primarily online at The Rabbit Room and also has her own online place, Lanier’s Books.

Take some time to read this when  you can.

You will want to be a better writer.

You will want to be a better person.

You will want to be like Jesus.  I promise.

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One thought on “Pointer–Where to Find Beauty

  1. You were safe to make that promise, Jody. Lanier Investor writes thoughtful, poetic prose. And every word of that poem at the end of “Songless” could easily be studied for the depth of meaning it adds to the whole. I can see why you appreciate her so!

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