Scripture Walk-Psalm 37, Entry 1

Gene Coulon Park, Renton WA Oct. 2022 jlcollins

Well, dear readers, this took a little longer than expected.

A few posts back I committed in front of God and everybody to take a deep dive this coming year into Psalm 37. My intent was to one, provide some motivation to keep me on track to sharing regularly with my readers and two, because of that commitment to offer some focus, inspiration and encouragement in this new year.

Staying focused is a particular challenge for me.

Anyway, I’d intended to share the first reflection at the end of January. Clearly that time has come and gone, but for good reason–I continued to mine more gems and find inspiration to include. And there have been some family demands that have taken up a considerable amount of mental and emotional real estate in my life, thereby limiting my time and attention.

However, I am pleased to say those reflections are complete (for now) and ready to share with you. Yay! Psalm 37, verses 1-4, “Dwell in the Land” will begin our Scripture Walk.

Why a scripture walk? Because when you’re walking, not only are your eyes glancing from side to side as well as straight ahead, taking in the view, you are also (hopefully) paying attention to what’s before you and around you and at your feet. So we’re going to take a “walk” through Psalm 37; I’ll point out some the things I notice along the way, invite you to reflect on them and write down what you see, too. This is not a Bible Study; there’s no weekly “homework” or a teacher asking you to fill in the blanks with information—we’re walking together through God’s Word.

I’ll share some observations, inspiration and questions and trust the Holy Spirit to speak to you each time. Sometimes there will only be two verses, sometimes five—each time will be different.

Our Walk Through Psalm 37*

Week 1—Dwell in the Land  vv. 1-4

Week 2–Live off the Land  vv. 5-6

Week 3—Be Still in the Land  vv. 7-9

Week 4–Inherit the Land   vv. 10-19

Week 5–Be Generous in the Land   vv. 20-23

Week 6–Be Upheld in the Land   vv. 23,24

Week 7—Sowing in the Land   vv. 25-29

Week 8–Safe in the Land   vv. 30-34

Week 9—Stay in the Land   vv. 35-40

*We won’t cover this in nine (9) weeks; look for new entries about every two (2) weeks. The operative word there is “about.”

What I’ve decided to do, instead of including the content here on my website, is offer the text as a download HERE. That link will take you to Google Docs with the text, photos, room to write and some clickable links with poetry and music. (My future hope is to compile the entire piece into an ebook or actual small book….who knows?)

Click HERE for Week One of Psalm 37 Scripture Walk. 

May God be present and bring you His peace this Holy Week.


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