Scripture Walk-Psalm 37

A pathway through our nearby woods, Renton, WA, before they built 98 new homes. Sigh.

One of the surest ways to guarantee a healthy diet of the Word of God is to commit to a study of it to share with others. Nothing like knowing you’re s’posed to have something to say to make sure you go looking for that ‘something’ yourself!

Eleven (!!) years ago this week when I began writing online, I was committed to three things through my writing: To encourage, inform and inspire my readers.

Along the way I also felt impressed to share God’s Word in a Bible Study-like way. Part of that intention included a nine week series in 2016 on Psalm 37.

The original posts are now archived and living in my computer to be unveiled soon; many of you may have been around to walk through them way back when. Thank you, faithful long time readers!

At any rate, I’m feeling impressed once again to take a walk through Scripture–hence this blog post title, A Scripture Walk–and look at Psalm 37.

Eleven years is a long time in people years–I am a different person now than I was when I first shared my thoughts and I have, I hope, mellowed some? Adjusted my view perhaps? Found more gems to mine?

Definitely I’ve found more gems to mine, because I’ve needed to dig deep to find my roots in God, the Author & Finisher.

I wrote in my journal this morning, with a pathway in mind, some rather “no, duh” statements:

You need to walk where you need to walk so you’ll be changed along the way. You can’t get to There without being Right Here, Right Now. This particular bit of ground under your feet, this array of pebbles or gravel nearby, are yours for the picking, each small stone a rock of remembrance. Don’t try to hurry to the end of the trail. Keep in mind, everything you see/experience is part of your journey and growth, so when you reach the destination you will have new eyes to see it for what it is and a heart to receive what God is offering you there. Because you will have been changed along the way. 

My friends, I am confident we are all walking through a season of change, no matter how settled we feel. Am I right?

Would you like to walk with me? If so, keep your eyes on your Inbox for upcoming posts–two weeks apart, beginning the last day of January. Or so. Because, life. Duh.

View of my living room from my favorite chair. Wish you were here.

Then once a week, pull up a chair or a pillow or cushion, or meet with a friend over coffee or over Zoom and pretend we’re all in my living room talking about God’s Word together. Along with my ruminating about the “Psalm of Invisible Verbs,”I’ll probably throw in a poem or two, maybe a graphic, perhaps a book recommendation, but mostly will encourage you to dig deeper, mining your own gems.

Each of our weekly ‘walks’ – which is why I chose the pathway photo above-will take us through five or six verses at a time, asking questions, illuminating passages and shining the light on these words to live by, encompassing yet again one of my hopes for my small corner of the interwebs–to Shine, Reflect & Reveal the goodness of God, a Three Way Light.

My original website was Three Way Light over on Blogspot. Remember Blogspot? (That’s a post for another time!)

PS If you know someone you think might enjoy this Scripture Walk, please forward them this post or have them Subscribe HERE so they don’t miss a thing.


3 thoughts on “Scripture Walk-Psalm 37

  1. Looking forward to it!!

    I used to enjoy a houseless walk around the corner from my house with a stunning view of Mt. Rainier. I still enjoy the walk and the view but share it with 20 or so houses.

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