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Six Weeks of Silence (Sort of)

I’ve been pondering the holiday season quickly approaching at the speed of sound and light….lots of sounds. Lots of lights.

And I realized if I wanted any Peace and Quiet in my soul and spirit I’d have to be very purposeful and intentional about it.

I’m discovering for the first time the importance of the season of Advent–thanks to my friends Glenda (GG) and Kimberlee (she’s got a book about it) and Kel Rohlf who is a kindred, word-loving spirit.

Learning something new always requires some extra mental energy on my part. With a full time job and giving away life to my church family and my real family; well, it takes most of the energy I have–mental, emotional and spiritual.

So I had an epiphany (aka a ‘God Bump’) the other night– I’m going to take six weeks off from blogging–from November 11th (which is when I had this epiphany)–until December 25th, Christmas Day.

I’m pretty sure that’s six weeks.  Sort of.

Whew!–Taking the pressure off myself to be always brilliant or otherwise inspiring (like my friend Nancy Franson recently shared) is frankly a significant relief.  Fellow writer Connie Mace is also thinking about blogging silence, if I read her right…

SO–this will give me time to clear my mind (as much as possible) to focus on the meaning of the season and to discover some new ways to celebrate.

It will also give me time to get to know you better–people who read Three Way Light (thank you!)
and time to read the writers I miss because there are only so many hours in a day….And there are so many encouraging and talented bloggers out there.

Instead–in my own inimitably totally random way (just ask my daughter) I may post a photo with a scripture every day or one day or no days.

I might simply brag on a friend, introducing you to some bloggers you’ve never met and post a link to their inspired posts.

Who knows?

I know God does and He always has much better ideas than mine.

So here’s to silence.

And listening.

And the season.

And the Reason–it IS all about God’s gift to us–Jesus.

Celebrate with me?

Linking with Jen and the Soli Deo Gloria Sisters and
with the other Jenn(ifer) for God Bumps. 
More great reads there–trust me!

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  • Ann Kroeker

    May you experience a deeper relationship with the Lord and others during this season of silence.

  • Stacy

    I LOVE the advent season! I often feel compelled to blog even more during that time because He fills me with refreshment in the midst of that continual focus on His coming. May God meet you in your time with Him this advent season and fill you to overflowing so that you will have so much more to pour out for us when you return. God bless!

  • Nancy

    You are so kind to mention me here–especially in a post reflecting on Advent. You know how much I love this time of year.

    I'm thinking, too, about what Advent will look like for me this year. It's going to be different for a number of reasons, and I think I really need to live in anticipation this season. For years I've said, “Christmas fixes everything.” And I think that's pretty darned good theology. “He comes to make his blessings flow, far as the curse is found.”

    Raising a virtual glass of eggnog in your direction.

  • Nancy Ruegg

    Jody, I will greatly miss your heart-touching, thought-provoking, spirit-inspiring posts. But I do understand the need to pull away and be refreshed. Please come back to us!



    That is a sweet group you put me with … thanks. And enjoy every moment. I have loved each blogging break I have taken. A great Advent idea.


  • Jen Ferguson

    This is such a beautiful surrender, a drawing close, that just touches my heart. I will miss your words, but I know that they will tumble forth with eloquence after you have spent an intense season with Him.

  • redemptionsbeauty

    And may He meet you in a special way Jody. I feel the same way about my time, very little of it to read those I enjoy reading much less hold a book in my hands. Blessings to you.

  • Kimberlee Conway Ireton

    I so admire your courage, Jody. I took a blogging break for Lent one year…You're inspiring me to consider doing so again. Thank you!

  • Jennifer @

    Oh, Jody! Good for you. I pray that God blesses you during that time, that you find yourself in joyous communion with his during this season. Take care, friend, and we'll see you in 2013. xo

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