Watching Hanan See the World {a #poem}

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Grandson Hanan Samuel Collins, 3 ish (2006)














Spider, bug,

Ant and bee

In my garden,

At my knee.

Provide a show

For this young one,

Eyes tuned tight

In midday sun.

He alone can see them move

We pass so fast his dawdling proves

Were we more still

We’d find delight

In this wee world

Through child’s sight.

Just a simple poem for my first grandson. Children delight in the simplest things.


  1. A delightful poem for a sweet boy 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful reminder. It is shocking how fast the time will pass if we don't take the time to appreciate these moments.

  3. thanks, Karin. He's still cute, even though he's 9 and 1/2….oy!g'night.

  4. So so charming! He's cute as is the poem. thanks. K.

  5. Thank you, Ginny. yes, children think everything is amazing. I want to live grateful to God for all that wonder.

  6. So perfect in its simplicity! Oh that we all could view life through the eyes of a child. Beautiful capture!


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