Isaiah 1:18

The snow comes, unexpected like

grace after a fall (yours, mine,

ours) a quiet wool covering missteps,

mistakes, messes.

White-soft gift leaves an expanse

of peace, pulling my eyes away from the

ground, these humble, human feet,

to the misty, gray horizon.

Heart now centered, sheltered, still

where Creation whispers my thanks.


Do you remember the Oscars from a few years ago, with the mess-up at the end, a snafu that has never happened before with the envelope announcing Best Picture being the wrong one? How would you like to be the one who did that? 

Sometimes life is disorienting, yes?

The root of ‘orient’ is from the Latin-‘oriens’, meaning ‘of the East, the rising sun.’ Well, of course. When I turn my heart and mind and self towards the East, towards the rising sun–Jesus–I see things in the right perspective. I feel oriented again. Where are you today? Feeling oriented, disoriented or are you in the middle of reorienting?

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8 thoughts on “Isaiah 1:18

  1. Disorientation is a place of discomfort. While I know where I am, I know I need to move. The question is where. I’m grateful for God’s guiding presence. Thanks for your lovely words and poem. Praying for you and your husband during this recovery time. Surgery is a shock to every system.

    1. Natalie, I’m still working through the idea of disorientation and reorientation–turning myself daily towards the Son. (what a perfect word!)
      Yes, you’re right–surgery is a shock to every system….but every day is better. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. Jody, this is lovely, and I share your affection for that fresh blanket of snow to tear my eyes away from my own feet — and to cover the muddy mess!

  3. Your poem is so peaceful. I read it a couple of times…sigh…

    I so get your disoriented feeling, and don’t care for it either! Prayers for you and hubby during this trying time.

    1. Oh, thank you Jennifer. I’m so glad this brought you joy. Perspective makes a big difference in finding peace. I thank God for the anchor of his presence.

  4. Dear Jody, grace and peace to you today amid the chaos! I am picturing a vintage compass rose as I add my prayers to yours, that we both find ourselves locked on to His heart, His direction for this day. Prayers for your husband’s recovery as well.
    Quiet wool [here today too, speaking] peace, shelter. Grace.

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