Start Small, Start Now

Yes, here I am on a Wednesday, writing a little something for you, dear readers.

I’ll keep it short–my random brain is considering a quarterly newsletter communique to stay in touch. In keeping with my ‘start small.start now’ mantra for the New Year–what practices will move you towards who God has made you to be?–I’m extending my reach with another writing avenue beyond this blog.



Tentatively titled, “Random Acts of Writing-the Miraculous to Mundane,” my newsletter will be a wrap up of life, faith and leftovers, so to speak, from my non-linear brain. Random Acts will also be an extension of the thoughts on “Glory Writers” our online Facebook group, sharing words to encourage, inform and uplift along with thoughts on writing, life and faith.

(By the way, if you’d like to join Glory Writers, just knock on the door. Glory Writers–Putting Faith into Words–is facilitated by myself and Emily Allen. From the description:

“Glory Writers–A vibrant community for Christian writers to find connection, inspiration & information about all aspects of writing, blogging & publishing. This group is a catalyst for encouraging and growing writers of faith from where they are to where they want to be, through weekly opportunities for sharing writing projects, questions and comments and Monday Facebook live videos.
Come join us!”  
We’re a closed group, but would love to welcome you.)

So, would you like to receive such a compendium? Perhaps your friends would? Let me know in the Comments by leaving your email address and I’ll add you to the list.

First issue–March 15th–woohoo!


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9 thoughts on “Start Small, Start Now

  1. Are Glory Writers automatic recipients? If not, count me in!

  2. 🙋 I would, please and thank you. ☺️ (do I need to give my email?)

    1. Julia, you’re on the list (I’ve got your email via Glory Writers). Stay tuned….

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