Status Update-Psalm 37 Scripture Walk

Coulon Park, Renton WA Oct. 2022, jlc

Dear Friends~

I’ve been gathering my thoughts and fine-tuning our Scripture Walk through Psalm 37, but it is taking me awhile! Spring is nearly upon us and life seems to be bursting at the seams.

I continue to have brainstorms about what I want to say and what I’d like to add–a poem here, a song there, a downloadable graphic (all with clickable links) and I am neeeeaaarly finished and ready to share.

We’ll start with a walk through verses 1-4 of the Psalm–there is a lot to discover–but in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this from Shane Hellman, a young man who committed to putting ALL the Psalms to music. I love the way he combines guitar with the verses of Psalm 37.

Give a listen HERE to Psalms Project, Volume 4  (the link will open in Spotify).

Until next time,


PS For new readers, if you want some background on the how and why of this little walk through the Word of God, click HERE.

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