Steps to Picking Raspberries on the First Day of Fall {a #poem}

P1200526First, avoid the bumblebees zooming in for latent sugar

Dripping in the rain, their heavy soaking reflected in

Drops from the satiated rubies you hope to pop in your

Mouth. Second, beware the mildew, mold and bursting

Moisture of berries too long on the vine, having missed the

Summer sun as you did, wondering at the absent heat lo, these

Many months. Three, cast a watchful gaze at ubiquitous spiders

Who’ve homed themselves midst the leaves, hiding (or so

They think) from the birds and maybe you. Their webs give

Them away, as do the smattering of mottled, rounded globes

In the bottom of your small bucket. Given away, alive in

Your hand so that lastly, you’ll swallow them, tiny yet tasty

Fresh and fruitful this first day of fall.

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