Still Saturday–RELAX!

                                                                     lilies in our garden  jlc  7~12

Philippians 2:12,13  Amplified
“Work out (cultivate) your own salvation with fear and trembling…
not in your own strength,
for it is God who is all the while effectually at work in you–
energizing and creating in you the power and desire–
both to will to work for His good pleasure
 and satisfaction and delight.”
Sharing with Sandy and all
 for Still Saturday

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3 thoughts on “Still Saturday–RELAX!

  1. Jody Lee Collins

    ahhh, Cary/Joanne–don't you just love it when the Holy Spirit shares those 'sacred echoes' (as Shelley Miller has said)?
    Yay–thanks for stopping by, friend.

  2. caryjo

    Well, Jody, you touched me twice in this. FIRST, to see flowers that aren't burning up, as ours are, is a treat. SECOND, to see “my” main scripture that was poured out to me by the man who led me to the Lord in Tacoma all those years ago … 1966 … and wrote them on the cover of the Bible he gave me that evening. It never leaves my heart. Laid on my heart again today. By you. Thank you.

  3. Sylvia R

    Oh, I do like that amplified translation of this scripture, especially the mention of God's energizing power at “work” being the strength by which we “work” (a different Greek word translated work) out our salvation. It says so much so concisely. Your title “Relax” is so fitting! Thanks.

    (And I just realized how appropriate lilies are, because of what Jesus said about the lilies of the field!)


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