Still Saturday–Shadows/Reality

“It is very easy to quench the Spirit;
we do it by despising the chastening of the Lord,
by fainting when we are rebuked by Him.
If we have only a shallow experience of sanctification,
we mistake the shadow for the reality,
and when the Spirit of God begins to check, we say –
oh, that must be the devil.
Never quench the Spirit,
 and do not despise Him when He says to you –
“Don’t be blind on this point any more;
you are not where you thought you were.
Up to the present I have not been able to reveal it to you,
but I reveal it now.”
When the Lord chastens you like that, let Him have His way.”

Oswald Chambers, August 14th
Tulips in vase, LM Johnson, Used by Permission

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2 thoughts on “Still Saturday–Shadows/Reality

  1. The Lord taps me on the head gently and reminds me that something needs to be changed in my heart/soul/spirit. When I misunderstand the situation, He taps me again, a little stronger. Eventually, I finally catch on. [Less than bright sometimes, if you can possibly believe it.]

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