8 thoughts on “Still Saturday

  1. Shelly, Sandy Lisa and all–thank you for your kind words. I only JUST bought this book in April–a present to myself for Easter. I read it while we were on vacation. I'm still digesting and re-digesting it.
    There's so many 'ah ha's in there,I've decided to make my own 'list'–I'm going back through my folded down pages, stars in the margin and underlined phrases and putting them in a journal.

    Lisa, I'll help you remember–this quote's on page 107.
    (You're welcome!)

  2. Love that photo. It reminds me of our favorite place in the whole world, our family cottage in Canada on a beautiful lake. And that quote from Ann is glorious . . .as always. Happy Sabbath to you sweet Jody. I sure do love you friend.

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