Christmas: Mystery, Miracle or Magic?

“Did not a great grey servant Of all my sires and me, Build this pavilion of the pines, And herd the fowls and fill the vines, And labour and pass and leave no signs Save mercy and mystery?”                                                 -G.K. Chesterton, from the Ballad of the White Horse, Book IV Fifteen summers ago I accompanied [...]

Living the Season Well Goes Viral {sorta}

Dear friends, I have been so grateful for the response to my book Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas.** It's a little bit amazing to me and exciting as well. All the readers that are finding the message about slowing down and simplifying Christmas have a way to more peace and joy this year and that makes [...]

How to Make the Days Count {Celtic Advent}

Have you found that when God shows you something there are "sacred echoes" (as Margaret Feinberg calls them) everywhere? When I wrote "Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas" I shared with readers about observing the four Sundays of Advent to slow down the holiday season. Certainly nothing new; people have been doing this for hundreds of [...]

Less Can Really Be More This Season

Have you ever had to move house during the Christmas season? How much fun is that, eh? Several years ago our family participated in the journey to a new land during the holidays and I discovered something. It’s impossible to celebrate a “normal” Christmas when your living room is crowded with moving boxes. That wasn’t [...]

How Can I Get into ‘The Christmas Spirit?’

“So take up what we’ve been given Welcome the edge of our days Hemmed in by sunrise and sunset By our youth and by our age Thank God for our dependence Here’s to our chasm of need And how it binds us together In faith and vulnerability This cup, this cup I wanna drink it [...]