What’s in a Name? Amaryllis–an Advent Post

There can be no manner of doubt a name is more easily remembered when its meaning is understood.  –A.J. Macself, from the Foreword, “Plant Names Simplified” I forgot to plant my amaryllis bulb the week of All Hallow’s Eve. The teacher in me loves the object lesson, how planting a crinkly, brown bulb with antenna-like roots can be an illustration of patience and waiting during … Continue reading What’s in a Name? Amaryllis–an Advent Post

Christmas: Mystery, Miracle or Magic?

“Did not a great grey servant Of all my sires and me, Build this pavilion of the pines, And herd the fowls and fill the vines, And labour and pass and leave no signs Save mercy and mystery?”                                                 –G.K. Chesterton, from the Ballad of the White Horse, Book IV The holiday weeks are often heralded as the most wonderful time of the year; God … Continue reading Christmas: Mystery, Miracle or Magic?

God With Us, Always

I realize it’s still a few days before Halloween, but unless you’ve been under a rock (or in North Dakota somewhere) you know the Christmas parade has started in stores all across the land. (My apologies to anyone in either of the Dakotas). Yes, the holidays are fast on the heels of All Hallow’s Eve and we’ll be reminded once again – I hope! – … Continue reading God With Us, Always

Ad Vent {a #poem}

Glossy pages proclaim paltry purchases as life savers for my overrun soul. I’m run over as they bellow, beckoning, “buy me! buy me!” I cannot partake of one more iota of input– how can quiet paper carry so much loud weight and end up selling me nothing? This war of words promises joy and happiness are but a wallet-full away. Enough greenbacks and I’d have … Continue reading Ad Vent {a #poem}

Thoughts on an Amaryllis

Dry, peeling globe, whiskered, spidery tendrils bottomside. Topside, a thumbnail pokes through, plays at growing green, threatening strong stalks up, up, up. Blooms are said to hide within– secrets in scarlet, crimson, peach pearly white, the palest pink– a plantiferous palette of possibilities.   But I do not see their beauty now Cannot feel any joy at what is there unseen. I’m feeling bulb-like these … Continue reading Thoughts on an Amaryllis

A Circle of Seasons–Book Review

Halloween has come and gone, the elections are settled. Now it’s begun–the Holiday Season is officially upon us. How do I know?  Well, because there are Christmas decorations next to the harvest decor at the grocery store and Costco is already selling imitation trees. It is a bit too much for my soul and spirit–this assault on the senses when I need to find a way … Continue reading A Circle of Seasons–Book Review