• Life in General

    Why Gray is Better than Black and White

    “It is possible to enjoy Me and glorify Me in the midst of adverse circumstances. My light shines most brightly through believers who trust Me in the dark.”   Sarah Young, ‘Jesus Calling.’ I grew up in Southern California, the land of pavement, palm trees and perpetual sunshine., All that blue and bright color became a backdrop for the clearly delineated cultural, political and religious landscape of the ’50’s and ’60’s. But times have changed. Oh, they have changed. Lines have blurred, been redrawn, moved again. We have no longer a common vocabulary, no shared reference point for the weight of a thing–cultural, political or religious. The word “President” has…

  • On Writing

    How to Hear God’s Voice (& maybe your own)

    The weekend of October 16-18, 2016, was a Heaven-come-to-earth occasion at ‘Dwell’, an intimate (5 of us) Writer’s Retreat co-led with my friend Kimberlee Ireton. We ‘Glory Writers’ camped in Psalm 37 for the weekend, particularly verses 3-7, and meditated on all those verbs–‘Trust’ ‘Delight’ ‘Commit’ ‘Rest’ and the tough-to-do ‘Fret not.’ “Dwell” means to stay where you are so you can hear what you need. Here’s what I heard when I returned home. Pushing the patio chair into place undercover, I scan the deck for my little table. I want to sit a while and take advantage of the peace and quiet to listen. Not read my Bible, read a…

  • Poetry

    Mining the Bright Birds

    “ I strain towards the future, eyes focused on the far away past empty, quiet gray, like looking for a hummingbird in the snow. I squint at fine twig lines as they slice across white over green in front of the dormant sienna. I spy her there, a gemstone stately in her royal stance among the branches. It is no effort, truly, to find my way through buried days, if I but gentle my busy self, settle and sit, sip and settle, determine to welcome the daytime darkness while mining the bright birds.