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    Jesus–Heaven & So Much More

    Last week in Sunday School we talked about the number 1, and how there’s only One Way to Heaven—and that’s Jesus. Of course, “Jesus” is the Sunday School answer to nearly everything. And it works, especially if you’re a young child. But what about as we grow older? This got me thinking. Jesus said He was the door, a way into the Kingdom of God where we can have fellowship and relationship with God. Now. Right now; not just in the future. The Sunday School answer “Jesus” holds so much more than just a ticket to Heaven, but also a way to wholeness and healing. Our acceptance of God’s salvation…

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    Bird Seed–Twitter Poems

    Tweetspeak Poetry, the fullsome webspace curated by the gifted LL Barkat, was borne out of Twitter poems, concise lines of poetry confined to 140 characters. Note: these were written in 2014; Twitter now allows a whole 280 characters! Many of these lines are responses to photo prompts (‘Starry Night’ and so on), others just me trying to wrap words around my life. I was surprised at the freedom afforded by having the constraints of only 140 characters. Form forces function, maybe? ~~~~~~ Apr 29 Jump rope skipping wide door open fragrance wafting blue sky calling children laughing Spring kinda day.   Apr 21 (After Easter) The day is empty tomb…

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    #whyisitcalled a hashtag? and not a number sign as in “#3”? (or n-o period 3?) For that matter, why is it a “pound sign”? (as in “Please enter your password, followed by the pound sign?” (my son did not weigh 7#’s 3 oz. it was lbs., thank you.) You’re calling it a hashtag for tweeters who twitter (or tweet? yes, tweet…….. but that’s a bird) Maybe it’s a hashtag as in corned beefed hash– in front of the tag? as in, “tag, you’re it?” as in….oh, I give up. just tell me why is it called a hashtag?