That Still, Small Voice

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One of the best things about teaching Elementary School as a substitute teacher is hanging out with second graders (my favorite grade–innocent, love their teachers, AND they can usually tie their shoes).

The other thing about Second Grade is that every February pretty much every teacher talks about penguins.  Were it not for this exposure to the subject, I would not be aware of the fact there are 17 different species of penguins in the world.

Seventeen. Each one is a remarkable display of God’s creativity–from fin size to breeding habits to habitat.  Penguins are amazing creatures.

Because of the documentary ‘March of the Penguins’, a life cycle depiction of the Emperor Penguin of Antarctica, I learned something about the roles of the parents in raising their offspring. Mothers and fathers raise their chicks together, keeping them warm, fetching food from far out in the ocean and returning.

This food gathering process is what astonished me. In a colony of thousands upon thousands of penguins, when the mother returns with the food, she can hear her chick’s voice above all the others. 

She can distinguish its cry in a crowd of wall to wall black and white, fur-finned squawking creatures.
No matter how many other sounds of despair or distress she hears around her, she hones in on the one that is hers.
I feel like I’ve been drowning in a sea of voices lately.
Facebook threads and Twitter feeds with information and input and overload, opinions large and small on the state of the world.
Blog posts from far and wide with heartfelt sentiments spread across the page.

They’re not bad. They’re not all good. There are just too many.

I want to get back to listening for that still, small voice of Jesus, to bend in close and hear what He is saying and what He wants me to say to you.

If it’s not beautiful or encouraging or uplifting…….well, I’ll keep it to myself.

So–I’m going to pull back from posting, lessen the pressure (self-imposed) of coming up with something each week to say (because I always have something to say.)
Instead, I want to focus on whatever is true, beautiful, noble and of good report.

And it might take me awhile to figure that out.

But whatever Jesus gives me is yours.  As soon as I hear His voice.


  1. Barbara. I'm glad my words were a comfort and encouragement…. May you hear Jesus' voice to you as you pour out your life with your words.

  2. Jody, that post was beautiful and your weariness with the many voices has been my own weariness. I have not done a blog posting since last summer. I know I must write; it runs through my veins. But I fear adding to the stream of noise without Kingdom impact. Somehow it was comforting to hear from you. Thank you.

  3. We will miss you, Jody, but fully understand your need to pull away for a bit. May the quiet space you create around yourself result in sweet refreshing!

  4. Tonia, I've noticed words and thoughts flowing more easily just in 2-3 days' time…. funny how that letting go has felt like a burden is gone. Thanks for your encouragement.

  5. Yes – Jody – to all of this. My oldest son will be in second grade this fall and I love all the interesting things I learn with my kids, especially about nature. I've also felt overwhelmed with words, noise, information and wonder how to whittle it down. I hope your discernment is a peace and blessing and look forward to hearing the fruit of your pruning!

  6. I hear you on this, Jody. Sounds like wisdom. Peace to you.

  7. You already know I agree with you. It's impossible to keep up with every issue, every need, every heartfelt piece of writing out there. I hope you will find a sweet, slow space for yourself where you can hear yourself think. I really believe our best writing comes from that space. Thank you for sharing. ~ tonia (


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