The Dance

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       “…… to believe that hiddenness is part of presence.  
I know that some say Sabbath is just about God, that it’s not about resting up to be more productive, that it should not mean “nowhere goes somewhere” because we shouldn’t be so focused on the “somewheres.”
But I believe that’s exactly 
what Sabbath may be designed to do.
Not in a simple cause and effect relationship, with productivity being the final goal, but more in the sense of (seeing a) rhythm that sees nowhere-somewhere, 
presence-hiddenness, as inextricably linked, 
with God on both sides of the dance.”  (italics mine) 
LL Barkat

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This post is fourth in a sporadic series on a book I’m reading that is changing my life: God in the Yard, by LL Barkat. This is not a book review, per se, more of a book invitation.


  1. Beautiful invitation!

  2. I think that we all need rest, not just physically, but mentally/emotionally, too, in order to be productive, whatever form that productivity takes and wherever it takes us. Even with a day set aside for just that purpose, it is hard to find that rest.

    I am following you now via the Feedly reader. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. “Deep rooted peace, crystallized faith and glowing radiance.” I'm stealing those lines, Nancy. Beautiful!

  4. Maybe the somewhere is just closer to the heart of God. Maybe the productivity is within rather than without: deep-rooted peace, crystallized faith, and the glowing radiance that results when we seek God (Psalm 34:5a). Thank you, Jody, for always inspiring me, always making me think!

  5. Indeed. The Sabbath is God's and so is the rest we are commanded to take with it. For God's purposes, not ours. Thinking along the same lines….again.


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