The Eternal Now

Tossed and thrown about like
so many rocks in a tumbler–
banging, clanging, bouncing
as the gears move this cylinder
of me/my stones/my stuff.

There are too many days of worry,
weeks of care;
too much hurry
wearing me down.

S T O P.

the rolling, tossing, turning–
have to live these days
but daily–
each as a gift from my
Heavenly Father,
who said,
for a reason,
“Do not worry about tomorrow
(because He knew that we would)
for each day has enough trouble of its own.”

I have eternity in my heart**
my spirit (can be) non-plussed
by the “I musts”.
Will be.
I choose to be….

I can live in this eternal NOW
not thrown about
but held in the center
while all about me the debris goes flying,
and I know which Rock I’m clinging to.

**Ecclesiastes 3:11


sharing in Community with Soli Deo Gloria
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and Emily, et al at Imperfect Prose Thursdays

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9 thoughts on “The Eternal Now

  1. allatonce. So thankful for the “day by day and with each passing moment, strength I find to meet my trials here…” I, too, am clinging to the rock!

  2. I love this, especially since I am reading Ecclesiastes right now. Lovely words to reflect upon this morning.

  3. thank YOU Lindsey for stopping by….just last night I voiced something I was worried about and my husband reminded me about this post. Funny how that is.

  4. Your thoughts bring to mind the thoughts that I had read once about us being able to live only in a day — or the now as you say it. That we were not created for more than that so when we carry more than today, it is burden that we were not made to carry. I'm still pondering my resistance to this one day at a time philosophy.

  5. I do not have to live these days ALL AT ONCE….beautiful wisdom there!

    Thank you so much for “penning” these words to share with US!

  6. So lovingly expressed, though filled with the anxiousness if days, your faith shows the path that brings out of dark concerns and into the joy of faith and love. Very beautifully exoressed, with honesty and clarity.

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