The Faith of July

I could be a

parade marching

or a flag waving

or a barbecue grilling

but what I really am
                           is FREE because of the Son
                                  (John 8:36)
I could be a

kite flying

a sparkler shining,

fireworks bursting

but what I’m thankful for
                           is the FREE gift
                                 (Romans 5:15,16,18)

I could be a

song singing

a lake jumping

a picnic feasting

but what He did for me
                         is make me FREE
                                 (Romans 6:20,22)


Vacationing in the Northeast (upstate NY)where history surrounds us at every turn. We traveled to Fort Niagara yesterday where one of the battles from the French/Indian War was fought.  Men have been fighting each other for freedom in our country for over 200 years….some things never change. I praise God for freedom from man’s tyranny but more so, freedom from soul tyranny, freedom from sin that so easily entangles us. Praise God for a new day!

(from the archives, July 2013)

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2 thoughts on “The Faith of July

  1. Oh, yes. Praise God for the glorious freedoms we enjoy because we are his–in addition to those we enjoy as Americans. We are incredibly blessed!

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