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Sarah Jackson Panther, rock sitting by Koi Pond. St. John’s College, New Mexico. (friend in hat is Terri B.)

I met Sarah Jackson Panther in 2018 at a weeklong writer’s retreat and discovered she lived in my high school home town in Southern California. We’ve been connected since that time and I’ve watched her journey towards healing and helping others heal as well, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Her passion and desire to help others and support youth has blossomed into the opening of  Hope Shop Designs.


Here is their story:

Years ago, when Sarah was sickest, she realized just how tricky hope is.

In these seasons, hope does not feel alive, abundant or available to everyone. It feels like maybe it has gone on vacation, or has taken up residence in the Pinterest Perfect home down the street; or, on the hardest days, is lying in tatters on the floor.  

People with bodies need physical reminders to hope.  We need things we can touch and see that reorient us to our Living Hope — to Christ in the darkness with us, to His tender love reaching deep into our emptiest, aching parts.  

So Sarah had jewelry designed to remind her of the hope she couldn’t see.  

Some of the jewelry was inscribed with reminders of God’s faithfulness; some of it was fashioned into shapes that reminded her of His protective love for her. Years later, after she’d begun the surprising journey of healing, she began to envision a shop in which she sold jewelry to help others daily reorient to Living Hope.

Her husband, Jay, runs a ministry to foster kids in Orange County, and together they’ve learned the power of mentorship to change a foster youth’s life. Sarah wondered what it would be to create business mentorships for foster youth — to hire them to help her make jewelry and run her shop — and she began to dream of The Hope Shop.

She hired a foster youth named Dean and trained him in the ways of jewelry-making. Several months later, The Hope Shop was born. To view and purchase jewelry from Hope Shop Designs, click HERE

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