The Voice of Joy–NOLA Style

Our friend Pastor Frank in New Orleans says, “Laughter is the voice of joy.”

Here are some other thoughts–
If you could smell joy, it would be the perfume of gardenia and jasmine,
tropical perfume ever on the breeze.

 If you could see joy in the air it would be the smiles on the faces of the people walking by.
St. Louis Cathedral
If you could feel joy in the air, it might reverberate like the sound of a tuba, a trumpet and a horn.
If you could hear joy in the air, it would definitely sound like this…..
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5 thoughts on “The Voice of Joy–NOLA Style

  1. I am excited to get to know you Jody! Can you believe we have two Jody's in our group? I too, am delighted by this post!

  2. Jody, what a delight to my senses! Your pictures of N.O. make me lonely for that place. I think I want to come and visit and talk with Pastor Frank. Love the quote from him. I'll remember that for a long time.

  3. What a special way to find “joy”…our senses are so important to us and finding the joy of the Lord through them brings a new life that I had not envisioned before. I am glad you have shared this with us.

    I am in your small group with SDG and am so glad to have been introduced to you through SDG. I look forward to returning and getting to know you better with each visit, Jody.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  4. My friend Frank Bailey is all about the joy of Jesus. You can check back with his blog when you have time.
    Thank you for stopping by–I visited your site–looks like you've been busy and blessed!

  5. I love Pastor Frank's quote. My sister and I just spoke last week on joy. I wish I would have had the quote but will tuck it away for the future.

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