This is What the Lord Has Done

I wrote in this post last week about my mushed up mindset regarding all the loose ends that needed sorting out regarding an upcoming Women’s Retreat for our church. 

I had a lot on my plate~

  • Buy the bubbles and round up pictures for an ice breaker. Smile.
  • Practicing on the cajon (Peruvian box drum) and helping to lead worship with my niece Claire and a young girl from the sister church we share our building with (a Ukrainian congregation.)
  • Oh, and leading for the FIRST TIME ever a small workshop on Writing as a Spiritual Practice.

Well, I am home….barely and my heart is full.
So, a brief synopsis. (you know how these intense emotional weekends can be–they take a number of days to process.)

The ice breaker was a hoot and people who’d never met each other became friends for the first time.

My little writing workshop touched many deeply for which I am grateful. What a privilege to share and then hear such powerful comments about the practice of sitting and listening and stilling before the Lord. There were some revelations and some breakthroughs and some tears, too.

(Sorry, no pictures. I was busy teaching and writing.)

Worship was anointed and fun (even tho’ we had no sound system on Friday night and sang without amplification.  Best kind of worship ever.)

And He was. (Thank you Regina. Thank you Claire.)

Thank you, Jesus.

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