‘Tis the Season for Brides

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Photo K. Boudreaux, Victory Fellowship, NOLA, Used with Permission

‘Tis the season, indeed. Invitations in the mail and on the fridge.

Weddings abound, enveloping my family circle and I.

One nephew betrothed last weekend.  One nephew engaged.

A niece counting down the days to July.

Besides the betrothals there are the dresses. Oh the dresses.

After the ring is chosen, the date is set, the first question for the bride is always, (in a run-on sort of fashion), “Did you pick out your dress? Where did you get it? What does it look like??”

Details, please.

The answers are as varied as the brides—

  • Champagne silk, slinky, no lace or frills.
  • Short, cottony, light and sleeveless.
  • Long, satiny, a train out to here.
  • Strapless, beaded, corset-closing back.

What will you wear indeed?

Saying “Yes” to becoming a bride is making a choice to change. Change residence (maybe), change households (do you really need 3 pizza cutters?) But the most noticeable change, at least for a day, is a choice to put off the regular apparel for something brand new and different. Something no one’s ever seen before.

A gown that enhances your best features, covers your flaws and leaves your groom (quite often) in tears.

Change the everyday hair to curls or an up-do.

Visit the salon for a mani/pedi.

Think about make-up (gasp!) maybe for the first time.

“Eye shadow, lipstick? Are you sure that isn’t a bit much?”

Consider jewelry–purchased or passed on–not only a necklace, but earrings to match.

“But I don’t wear jewelry,” (as my daughter replied on her wedding day.)

“Ah yes, but today is a special occasion, you are becoming a Bride.”


Sometimes we forget that Jesus has called us His Betrothed, The Bride of Christ. Or maybe that’s just me. Truth is, some days  I don’t feel very bride-like. 

Not lovely, not even liked.

Can’t put off my old clothes. Can’t accept the new jewels. Can’t believe the glorious beautiful of who my Jesus says I am.

I forget The Announcement that says Whose I am.

Sometimes the old just sticks.

Piles up on the floor like dirty laundry.

Stays in a heap on the bed and won’t go away.

Faces you in the mirror, regardless of the jewels, and says, “No, you’re not different at all.”

But then.

But then a friend comes to help you change.

Change the clothes, throw away the dirty laundry.

Grabs the soap and tosses everything in the wash.

Helps zip up the new dress that says ‘Capable.’ Clasp the necklace that says ‘Confident.’ Covers you with a veil that says ‘Cared for.’

Refines that wayward hair, steadies you while you gently slip on heels to help you reach new heights.

Holds the mirror while you try that new shade of You.

Reads the Announcement, outlined in Truth

“You are mine.”
“You have my name.”
“You are different. You are changed.”

And we are reminded, as we are at every other wedding, we are loved and wanted and desired above all others.

We a r e the Bride of Christ, no matter the season. Clothed in a dress and jewels that say we are His.

Now and for always. World without end. Amen.


  1. Thank you Jody. We are the bride of Christ. I just love thinking of it! What a glory to meet him on that day and then get to spend eternity with him!

  2. Cindee-your words are too kind. This very old Song of Solomon book I'm reading has become a devotional almost. Treasures on every page. My prayer has been lately, “Oh Jesus, I do want to love you as a Bride loves her husband–fully.” It is a process.

    I've been praying for you and your family.

  3. This is amazing! I need those garments capable and confident about now. Thank you for reminding me who He has made me to be!

  4. My daughter will be a bride in 12 days. It's such a wonderful and stressful time. Tis the seasons for brides that's for sure! Visiting from the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood hop and now following. I'd love for you to stop by for a visit and follow me to if you'd like.


  5. Such beauty in the process — replacing self with Christ, putting off the old and on the new, but also exquisite beauty in the Body, the community of saints stepping up to encourage and build one another up, to share burdens and walk beside us on the way, to offer strength and courage and perspective, to help us “see differently,” to remind us of Truth. This was beautifully written…and so true of our journey through this life on earth en route to the Feast and forever in the Presence of Love! Ahhh…to be His beloved in whom He delights! There could be no greater joy!

  6. Linda–I found this book on Song of Solomon about 2 years ago…I have been biting off very small pieces and just chewing. It is magnificent.
    Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by.

  7. Thank you for your kind words, that really was all just the Holy Spirit and some work in the Word.
    Blessings to you~

  8. Jody Lee, your words mixed in with God's Word as well as Cora McIlravy (1916) share the truth of who we are in Christ. Words to remind me that I stand before Christ as His betrothed. How wonderful!
    These words of Cora's say so much: “…and it is really putting Him on for there is no righteousness apart from Him.”
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  9. love it mother. Got some tears going as soon as I started to read “But then…” ugh, I am surely my mother's daughter and I understand you completely 🙂

  10. I love how you wove the earthly and heavenly process of becoming a bride…lovely..blessings~


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