Traveling through the Valley

When you have walked
through the valley of the shadow
and death came anyway
(not to you, 
for you did.not.die)
and there is breath in you
to greet the day.
when you survive the 
shredding of your soul
to its core
and the disappearance of 
all other challenges–
man made, God-breathed–
like snow
can only provide 
another opportunity
to see which way 
you will be strong
this time.

It’s been way too long since linking up with dverse Pub for their Open Link Night #132.
So glad to be back to read and share.
Click on over to that space to stop and savor the words.

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  • Brian Miller

    smiles…coming through the shadow i thinkwe often have a greater appreciationand even capacity for worshipin realizing how we can not do it in our own strengthand must rely on dependence on him.got your email….will send it on.

  • Jody Lee Collins

    thank you, Amy. It's a hard day for her, back at home alone after losing her baby a week ago. But God is holding her; we covet your prayers.

  • Amy Hunt

    Oh my goodness, Jody! This is pure, unadulterated worship, right here. Such a surrender of your daughter and a Holy interceding and celebrating and offering up of her life, as her sister in Christ. Rich blessings over what God does through this bending of your self.

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