A mountain so wide the horizon could not contain it
The path rough and boulder-strewn,
here a plain, then stumbling again 
through the dark undergrowth towards the top.
We left for this journey in the light—
someone keeps stealing it away.
Sun rays appear in glimmers
through the trees, a flutter here and there
Revealing life, then whoosh—
a fierce wind strips the leaves clear off the trees.
Branches are bare, but Spring comes again
and the energy to keep climbing.
We revive, inspired by the view. 
If we get to the top, Oh, what we will see!
We climb together, rejoice in sunsets then turn a bend
discover invisible rocks, made visible again,
and stumble, falling—calling for help.
Help will come—it is coming.  It comes from the Mountain.
We hold tight to each other, 
one foot in front of the other,  
The summit in sight.
Perhaps the next bend will show us a clear path;
but clear or not, we go through and over and
around. Again.
We will NOT give up. 
We press on.
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