Weekend Fun–A Poem

by | Oct 4, 2014 | Poetry | 4 comments

Upside and plenty (up side down ness)
would happen
should she launch herself from
that diving board.

Why, standing there, 
right side up,
the trees looked identical
to the water.

Which was real?
The green, the grace, the needles
grabbing the air as it ‘whished’
in the summer afternoon?

Or the water–a mirror of the same
but muted trees, dulled at the tips?
No wind would ‘whoosh’ through them
but might ripple across,
disturbing the glass.

OR–it might be her young, lithe body
dipping in quickly with a ‘ker sploosh!’
to break the surface, shatter the in-between
of the real and the reflection.

The only way to find out was 
to just jump.


  1. I have a funny relationship with poetry. I never understand it. 🙂 When I tried to read it to the girls when they were younger, they would just laugh. So I bought cool poetry books and left them around the house. It was the best I could offer them. And guess what … they love poetry.


  2. just jump <-- my favorite part! Thanks so much for writing along. Blessings.

  3. I love both of you, and this was a treat! Made me smile. AND I love being in the Cascade area. Thank you so much re: photo and poem and connection.


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