Hi there, I’m Jody. It’s nice to meet you. Before I called myself a writer (I was a mom and then a teacher) God gave me Psalm 45:1 as a theme for my life, “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”  

The words have proven to be true, even though it’s taken a while to get here. I began with scads of bad poetry in high school and journaling before it became a verb while raising my kids and teaching. As I dabbled in narrative and creative non-fiction, eventually some nice people printed my words and actually paid me. Throughout the years my essays and Letters to the Editor were published in our city’s newspaper, various teaching journals and even People Magazine.

Fast forward to 2012 when I discovered the world of Christian online writing. I’ve never been so surprised at the friends I’ve made via this virtual neighborhood, many of whom I’ve gotten know in real life. Since that time my work has grown from blogging to writing two books (see the tab above) and lately focusing on poetry with great intention.

It has been said we are God’s handiwork, his ‘poem’…in the Greek, ‘poeima’, God’s made thing. So, when we write a poem, it is a ‘made thing.’ 

I am by nature a Connector, Communicator and Cheerleader and enjoy the ways that social media makes all those roles possible. You can follow my trail of birdseed over on Twitter , find me on Instagram where I post poems and lots of flower photos, or see the family pix of my children and 6 grandkids over on Facebook.  If I sent you a Christmas card, this would be it.

(L to R, in back): Me, grandson Peter (14), Bill, DIL Courtney Collins, Oldest grandson Hanan, 17, son Aaron Collins.(in front, l to r): Paul Silas (11), Abigail (almost 13), our daughter Leah Johnson holding newest grandgirl Mary Becca, almost 1 and  Mr. Luke Ezra, age 8. July 2020, Husband’s birthday

If you want a few more details about me, click HERE for a short bio, fun photo and 3 Random Facts. You can also read “Sometimes I Feel Like an Any-a-Gram” to hear my thoughts about being exactly who we were made to be.

Homepage Headshot by Kris Camealy. All other photos are mine unless otherwise noted.

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