When the Voice of Jesus Sounds like the Water Department

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I read recently there’s a bit of controversy about Sarah Young’s devotional book ‘Jesus Calling’, that perhaps it’s ‘extra-biblical’, even new-age-y.  The articles I read didn’t cite any of the particular daily devotions, just made rather sweeping statements about the fact she ‘claimed’ to hear from Jesus and wrote down what He said to her in first person.

Mind you, each selection is accompanied by Scripture.
Mind you, many, many of the people I know personally have heard God speaking to them as well through her words. Many, many times.
Mind you, people have been led closer to Jesus as a result of these messages.
But the validity of the message is in question because people claim they actually heard Jesus speaking.
Now let’s consider this—
God first spoke to the prophets and kings directly, in many places. Here’s a verse I happened on in my reading the other night:
II Samuel 2, “After this David inquired of the LORD….and the LORD said to him…”.
Then God shared His message through his son Jesus, who WAS the Word of God—(see the book of John. Start there.)
Then when Jesus left the earth He told His disciples He would send a Comforter—the Holy Spirit—to lead them and guide them into all truth.
The Holy Spirit is still speaking today. Why, as recently as last week–in Washington D.C. of all places.
House Speaker John Boehner heard God after Pope Francis gave his message on Capitol Hill. As he told the press, after ‘saying his prayers’ that night he woke up the next morning and decided to resign his job.

Just like that—because he was fairly confident he heard God say something.  Something very important.

Now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an audible voice, but a silent ‘knowing’ in his knower, a soul conversation prompted by the tenderness perhaps contributed to by the words from the Pope.
But the way John Boehner shares it, nothing else really mattered after his encounter—the Pope pulled him aside and actually asked the Speaker if he’d pray for His Grace.  
I have a feeling after that, the rest of Mr. Boehner’s life came into sharp perspective, that well, politics weren’t all that really mattered in the big picture.
I too hear God’s voice—Jesus calling, if you will—on pretty much a daily basis. And no, I can’t hear it, but I ‘hear’ it—the words are clear and quick and cut through all the clutter when I’m paying attention.

And sometimes I write down what He says.
I noticed a journal entry from earlier this year:
4:50 a.m. Feb. 9th
“Woke up and prayed in the Spirit a bit and I think I heard God say, “I’m not going to answer your prayers the same way I did in the past–it’s going to be different.”

My margin notes say, “I’ll take different. With a side of wonder.”

I also included some lines from a book I’ve been reading about the Song of Solomon–
Cora MacIravy–p. 202
“It is to know more fully the depth of his love; 
it is to have a greater hunger for Him to be all and in all to us; 
it is to make Him more and more our only consolation and confidant. …
there is nothing small in our lives, 
but everything is important and tells for Eternity.”


Sometimes the Holy Spirit says simple things like, “you left the water running out in the garden”.  (Words He knows will save me a lot of grief and a lot of money because our water bill tripled last month.)
Sometimes He says things like, “Call your sister.”
“Write a note to Sherry.”
“Pray for Linda.”

SO I follow through with the note or the prayer or the call and trust the results to Him. And more often than not, that prayer or note or phone call will touch a life and bring hope and encouragement from me, yes, but ultimately from my Jesus.
He cares for every little thing.
There is nothing small in our lives
Everything tells for Eternity.
I doubt You and I will have a conversation with the Pope probably ever.

I hope you don’t get a personal visit from the Water Department about your water bill. 
(True story—that happened.)

But you can count on a Person who still speaks today, even though you can’t see Him.
His name is Jesus and He is still calling.

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    Jesus offended the high priest by claiming to be the Christ, the Son of God. (Mark 14:61-64) The high priest accused Jesus of blasphemy, and then said, He deserved death. (Mark 14:64)

    Jesus is offensive when He speaks the truth.

    Jesus offends contemporary church leaders today by preaching the truth.

    Jesus offends because He said, Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.(NASB)

    Many church leaders are offended that Jesus said ” Has been baptized shall be saved.” They do not like hearing the truth, because it is in contrast to their denominational doctrine.

    Many church leaders are offended that Jesus said “He who has disbelieved shall be condemned.” Why are they offended? Because they teach that Jesus is just one of many ways to salvation.

    The questions remains, was Jesus telling the truth when He said He was the Christ, the Son of God, or was the high priest correct when He Jesus a was blasphemer?

    Are the modern day preacher correct when they say Jesus did not say”Has believed and BEEN BAPTIZED shall be saved.” Or was Jesus telling the truth?


    It makes no difference how long you believe a lie. It is still a lie.

    YOU ARE INVITED TO FOLLOW MY BLOG. http://steve-finnell.blogspot.com

  2. Great post and you addressed many of the issues. I too hear him. often just my name, or I love you. or short title nudges. Quiet listening and just being with him is the best.

  3. Oh, Marcie, that serenity is worth all the listening….well said. I appreciate you stopping by.

  4. The serenity I feel when something moves from my head to my heart is how I know God has spoken to me. Thanks for sharing this Jody.

  5. Nancy, I was hestitant to write this but clearly it's resonated with many people. Thanks for your kind, encouraging words.

  6. Ahhhh, Tresta, the Lord does tell us many things. I want to grow in my boldness to say so.
    And yes, I think Pope Francis' words and visit touched many, many people. Amazing.

  7. Great stuff, Jody. I often hesitate to say “The Lord told me…” but I know you know what that would mean, if I did say it. To know in your knower, to be reminded by His Spirit. And the info about Boehner? I did not know that backstory! Thanks for keeping me informed and encouraged.

  8. Glorious writing from an overflowing heart, Jody! (Pun intended!) I kept saying “yes…yes…yes” as I read. “Yes,” God still speaks in the depths of our beings, with unmistakable impressions that, over time we recognize as God's voice. “Yes,” sometimes he intervenes with quiet reminders about everyday matters–like turning off the oven before leaving the house. “Yes,” he prompts us to share encouragement with others through conversations and notes. “Yes,” sometimes he whispers words of instruction or encouragement directly to us. Praise God he is still calling!

  9. Caryn, thank you for your encouragement–yes, John 10:27 certainly comes to mind. Thank you for stopping by, 'downstairs neighbor.'I like that!

  10. Like you Jody, I “hear” from the Lord continuously. Another strong reference is John 10:27, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;”.
    I love your response to the Lord's message to you, “”I'll take different. With a side of wonder.” That made me smile 🙂
    I'm your downstairs neighbor over at #TellHisStory today and I'm glad I stopped in for a visit. Wonderful message!

  11. You bet. And before Jesus Calling was Come Away, My Beloved (Francis Roberts) and He Said,She Said (Amy Carmichael). God is using that book in a way that helps even the nonbeliever begin to think there's One Who loves and cares for them. I don't have one at present – I keep giving mine away. blessings on you – next to you at jennifer's this evening in CA. where we best not keep the water running.


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