When the World is Broken Along With my Heart

I hardly know where to begin these days, to write down my heart’s cry and soul’s sigh.

The world is splintering, shattering it seems, on every side. All I can do is re-center myself with a song. Thank you to my friend Laurie Klein for the nudge.

Here’s “Alleluia” by Fernando Ortega from the Odes of Solomon CD–Ode #40. It’s actually a YouTube link; there’s over an hour’s worth of his worship music. Good for the soul, I promise.

That’s all I have this week friends.



3 thoughts on “When the World is Broken Along With my Heart

  1. Nancy Ruegg

    Love Fernando Ortega’s songs. Such a wise and insightful lyricist. Thank you for the link, Jody!

  2. blindzanygirl

    So very beautiful and reviving Jody. Thankyou


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