Who Am I, Really?

Leah is my daughter’s name

Wrapping strapping tape.
Sticky. stuck.
A package I cannot open.

Scotch tape for presents and torn papers.

Duct tape for car doors and
leaky windows.

Masking tape to delineate ‘paint only up to here.’

Book tape–spine rebuilding, cover holder.

Oh………………recording tape.

Sticky tape. Stuck,
the wrong words wound over and over again
wrapping around old wounds.

Repeating in my weak times,
“Show off”
(that’s the short list).

I’m caught in between who I am made to be and who I am becoming.

Trying on clothes that do not fit.

Out of style.

Not even mine–they’re from someone else’s closet.


“He means to rename us–
to return us to our true names,
our truest selves.
He means to heal our soul holes.
He means to fill us with His glory again.”
Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts p. 17

Grace is making me too large for the fabric of lies.

The truth fits better.



“In process”



oh, it’s a looooooooooooong list….

I will instead
the truth and daily decide
to renew my mind,
being transformed
by His power and His alone,
to fit the name He’s given me:
H I S…..

Sharing with Jen Ferguson at Finding Heaven and Jennifer Dukes Lee at Getting Down with Jesus who partnered together this week on a post called ‘Breaking the Tape’–about practicing the truth in what we say about ourselves instead of repeating the Enemy’s lies.
Also linking with the Thursday community at Imperfect Prose.

Over 25 women responded with Comments to this very impacting post. The thoughts have been provocative as well as encouraging.
I tried to take some of the lines that were shared and put them into a poem/prose piece (a ‘proseom?’),
incorporating my own thoughts into it.  Their words and some of Jen’s are in italics, with a little Ann Voskamp I just happened to read this week.

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9 thoughts on “Who Am I, Really?

  1. Thank you for pointing me to this important post, Jody, and for quoting Ann Voskamp, “He means to rename us.” Here is my comment in Jennifer's blogpost: “I'm very blessed that I come from a loving and affirming family, and I've never had to deal with lies the devil deceives us with EXCEPT when I had a bout with my thyroid acting up and I felt that everything I did with my life was wrong! My mom called it midnight crisis and indeed it was a crisis, I quarreled everyone and cried with no reason. I see how difficult it can be to break the cycle. I kept repeating Philippians 4:4-7 claiming the peace that surpasses all understanding. It was good in a way that it happened to me so I can understand what others battle with every day. I try when I can to help others regain self worth and to see themselves as who they really are in Jesus. This is a very important message and women should confess the Word of God about who they are every day if they want to be victorious over the deceptions of our enemy who wants to put us down all the time!” Patsy from

  2. I love it! So great in poetry form, and, of course, so true! I say keep a little bit of that duct-tape side, no matter what; duct tape is the most useful substance on earth! 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful and so true! The accuser is quick to point out our faults, but we are a new creation in Christ and are progressively taking on His attributes. The transformation will be complete in glory!
    Love in Him,

  4. Nancy–oh, the words young people can tell themselves. Your son is blessed to have you. Encouraging each other with the truth is so necessary.

    KD—thank you for your kind words.

    Anna–whew! I appreciate the linking tip! Thank you for stopping by.

  5. I've been having this conversation with my son who often tells me he feels dumb. I tell him he'd be the first to stick up for someone else who was being called names. Then I told him I didn't want him calling himself names either, especially ones that were so hurtful and mean. So glad Jen started this community to encourage us to speak truth to one another, and ourselves.

  6. Jody! This is wonderful. Truly. I am working on a piece for this community as well. Full of gratitude for our budding friendship!

  7. “Grace is making me too large for the fabric of lies. The truth fits better.” I am so thankful He renames us. I love your idea of making a poem from the comments! This is an important and beautiful message.
    (Your link on imperfect prose is not working– it goes back to imperfect prose! Please link there again so it comes back here and people can find you! 🙂

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