Why "Yes’ is always the Best Answer

My husband and I are blessed to be able to care for his mom who lives downstairs in our finished basement apartment.  She’s been with us 8 years next month, four of those were with her husband, my father-in-law Paul, who passed away on the Fourth of July 2010.

Mom is 94 now and suffering from mild dementia.  Her conversations at mealtime will include the same questions 6 times over in a period of 30 minutes, all with the same answer, which she has forgotten.

She took a serious fall in September and ended up with a fracture to her upper leg/hip joint.  The pain is intense and she complained often about it (altho’ some days she’d forget about it completely, “Why my leg is fine. There’s no pain at all. Why do you ask?)

Here we are 3 months later and a date had finally been set to repair the disintegrating joint.
Surgery was last Wednesday.  We were all anxious–my husband, his mom and I.  Everyone handles their stresses differently–Mom, she just puttered around (it was a mid-morning check in), cleaning out her purse and such.
I was sitting with her at the kitchen table when she turned to me and said,

“You know Jody, I was thinking last night about how much I love you.”
Out of the blue, just like that.  She’d told me she loved me many times before, but she continued.
“You know why I love you? Because you’re a self-made woman.  You didn’t have a mom around to help you when you and Bill got married (correct, my mother died 30 years ago) and just figured it out on your own.  You’re a self-made woman, I just love that about you.”

I assured her repeatedly it was all Jesus’ doing and by His grace alone that anything positive and been done in my life or through my life, ever.

“Yes, well it was Jesus, but it was you, too,”  she said.

I was very touched by her words and began to tear up.  Clearly, she’d had some time to ponder things the night before….deep thoughts were welling to the surface and she needed to share them.

I was grateful for this gift, so grateful, and did some pondering myself.
During the week I had a chance to share the conversation with another family member.
In my ‘it’s all Jesus’ comment I secretly thought I was being rather humble about  God’s grace in my life, but her response made me stop short,

“Jody, you had to say a lot of yesses to get there. Not everybody says yes to Jesus.”

I’ve been meditating on that thought this week–the ways and wooing of our God who goes after us, who persists with us.

When we choose to walk with Jesus, there is no guarantee that we will ever change or grow, that we’ll find the freedom we’ve been offered, but the chances are always much better if we say, ‘Yes’ and leave the changing up to Him.

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8 thoughts on “Why "Yes’ is always the Best Answer

  1. Hazel Moon

    Such love and she was able to express it even with dimentia going on.

  2. www.nancyaruegg.com

    Yes, God has given us freedom of choice whether we allow him to change us. For most of us, the growth is so slow, we hardly notice it happening. And we wonder, “Am I more like Jesus than I was ten or twenty years ago?” God gave you a very precious gift through your mother-in-law, affirming that indeed, you have matured under his tutelage. Enjoy the glow Jody!!

  3. elizabeth

    What a sweet moment with your mother in law! I agree with your friend about the yeses.


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