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Worship-an Inventory

Solomon Episcopal Retreat Center Louisiana   December 2009. Used with permission.


“The best kind of poem is an inventory.”

                         G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, 1908


Reception without reservation

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  • Ann Kroeker

    You have such great quotes–I love this Chesterton quote as well as some of your favorites in the sidebar. And as I read the poem, the quote, then the comments, I went back and marveled at the form of the cross that you mentioned.

  • Jody @Three Way Light

    Laura, Jen, kd–thank you all for your comments and kind words. I just noticed ('cause I wasn't aware the first time around) that this poem forms a cross.
    Now is God amazing or what?

    Yay for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

  • kd sullivan

    The quote and the poem together were a marriage made in heaven…like chocolate and peanut butter…and that's saying a lot! I'm glad to have stopped by, and hope to see you at SDG again!

  • Jen Ferguson

    I love nourishment like this — the waves of the Holy Spirit falling down all around us. Thank you for sharing your time with the Lord with us!

  • Laura

    What an awesome quote from mr. Chesterton. And I just love that photo. I pray your Easter was lovely, Jody.

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