Solomon Episcopal Retreat Center Louisiana   December 2009 photo by Rachel
Reception without reservation
“The best kind of poem is an inventory.” 
G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, 2009
My husband and I visited friends in their church in New Orleans over Easter Break. 
Wow—such powerful worship!  They were hungry for God’s presence and He came.
It made all the difference in the world.   He inhabits the praises of His people.

6 thoughts on “Worship

  1. Ann Kroeker

    You have such great quotes–I love this Chesterton quote as well as some of your favorites in the sidebar. And as I read the poem, the quote, then the comments, I went back and marveled at the form of the cross that you mentioned.

  2. Jody @Three Way Light

    Laura, Jen, kd–thank you all for your comments and kind words. I just noticed ('cause I wasn't aware the first time around) that this poem forms a cross.
    Now is God amazing or what?

    Yay for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

  3. kd sullivan

    The quote and the poem together were a marriage made in heaven…like chocolate and peanut butter…and that's saying a lot! I'm glad to have stopped by, and hope to see you at SDG again!

  4. Jen Ferguson

    I love nourishment like this — the waves of the Holy Spirit falling down all around us. Thank you for sharing your time with the Lord with us!

  5. Laura

    What an awesome quote from mr. Chesterton. And I just love that photo. I pray your Easter was lovely, Jody.


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