Writing Citation

A little bird chirped (in bravado)

“your thoughts won’t

fit those folks”—

their focus is more witness than


I sang back to Elle

(my avian companion)

“ironic; with our sights set

on the same country,

telescopes trained on the

celestial view

wouldn’t they welcome my words?”

“Jay,” she replied, “an astute observer

is what they want,

citing signs of life in this land

at our feet

where gray reality and hard

shocks live.

“Your words are too

hopeful for them.”

Cocking my feathered head,

I wondered,


How can that be?

Nowhere to go with that dead end,

I have run out of seeds,

pecking and scratching

out this poem instead

reciting the world in song.

c. Jody Lee Collins 2016

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