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Last week Jennifer Ferguson, instigator and wrapper upper of the 
Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood–“Inspiring women to just keep it real”, 
encouraged any and all sisters out in the blogosphere to do thus:

“Next week (Feb. 4th), put your Armor of God on and bring your vlog to the link-up party.  Remember, you are beautiful because He made you.  
What you say will be awesome because it will be authentic 
and you are using the voice He gave you.  
It will be fun because we will all be in this together.”‘

So here I am sharing with you today for the first time a (totally amateur) vlog, chatting Across the Kitchen Table, in which I talk about the challenges of being true to Jesus’ calling in our lives. (Making volume adjustments where needed–as I said-newbie here.)

AND, I’d encourage you as you have time to visit the other women who have linked up here in the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood to pray for and encourage one another.  You might also consider next week sharing with us, in your unique voice, a visit with you
Across the Kitchen Table.
Linking up with the Sisterhood here
Visit, will you?
and with Laura for Playdates with God
(because this was fun!)
p.s.  my BibleDude Ephesians post on the Armor of God is here….

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  • Nancy Ruegg

    When more than one person says the same thing, you can be quite confident that thing is true, right? So…1) You do NOT have a double chin. And even if you did, we wouldn't care! 2) You are indeed brave and persevering to vlog. 'Did yourself right proud there, first time out. 3) Another Nancy likes random? This Nancy admires random. “They” have to knock me out and TAKE me to do something random. 4) Mrs. P is so wise. That corner where we can only write what God determines? You must spend a lot of time in that corner. Your posts speak to me every time. 5) What fun to SEE you and HEAR you! LOVED IT! DO IT AGAIN!!

  • Janis Cox

    Thanks for coming over to He Cares for Us. I can't get the Vlog to run. I am supposed to do a video of me reading my children's book – keep putting it off. Ah… fear. Writing is fine. Speaking is not. Unless I am in front of children – or even live in front of women. But a camera… YIKES.
    Will pray about this – this week.

  • Jen Ferguson

    This really was real — and goes along well with what you were talking about before at Bible dude — confessing our sins, our ambitions — it can feel good. So glad to know, you girl.

  • Nancy

    How lovely to hear your voice, my friend! And, by the way, I love that you are random. I love random.

    I did not know you had written for Bible Dude yesterday (I had completely missed the call to participate–seems I've been missing a lot of things lately. Guess I'm a little distracted!)

    Off to check on your post now.

  • MrsP

    First, you do not have a double chin. But you do have a healthy dose of humility that comes out both in the vlog and in your Bibledude contribution. Isn't it funny when God corners us into the place where we can only write about what He determines, when it doesn't even feel like we are finding the words, but they show up on the screen nevertheless. Anyway, well done on your first vlog! Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

  • Jody Lee Collins

    Ah, Lisa, you made me smile. I did notice the 'teacher-ness' in me came through pretty strong. (I guess the lighting trick worked, eh?)
    I look forward to hearing your voice soon too. Jump in!

  • Jody Lee Collins

    Thanks Laura–the out loud sound of our words is something eh? I'll bet your voice is as beautiful as what you write. 🙂

  • Jody Lee Collins

    Kel, isn't it something how the sound of one's voice is 'us'?

    You should try it….talking with us all out here in blogging land–it's fun!

  • Lisa notes...

    I'm so glad you listened to Jen and made a vlog, Jody! I love seeing your face and hearing your voice. I can tell you are a natural teacher. (And I don't see a double-chin.) Yes, you have blessed me. Thanks!

  • Laura Boggess

    Ah, Jody, I love hearing your voice :). You are so brave! I am impressed with your vloggy ability. :)And I'm glad you had fun.

  • S. Etole

    This was such a treat. Looking forward to reading your post at BibleDude's place.

  • Kel Rohlf

    Jody- How fun to hear your VOICE! You are much braver than I…but you might just inspire me to try a vlog someday…also I'm excited to read your post at

    Looking forward to more light on Wednesday with 2TW Squared

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