Writing/Editing Services

“There’ll be plenty of jam in heaven, that’s one comfort,” Davy said complacently.

“Perhaps there will…if we want it,” Anne said, “but what makes you think so?”

“Why, it’s in the catechism,” said Davy.

“Oh no, there is nothing like that in the catechism, Davy.”

“But I tell you there is,” persisted Davy. “It was in that question Marilla taught me last Sunday. ‘Why should we love God?’ It says, ‘Because He makes preserves, and redeems us.’ Preserves is just a holy way of saying jam.”

It cost her some time and trouble to explain to Davy that a certain comma in the said catechism question made a great deal of difference in the meaning.”  

                                                                                  L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

Next to breathing (and singing!) I  love to write. But what I enjoy more than anything is editing. I am a cheerleader and encourager at heart and find great reward in seeing your words come to life.


How can I help YOU in your writing process?

Developmental Editing/Coaching

  • BIG PICTURE VISION is my specialty–helping you refine and focus on your message, i.e. does the arc of your work match the theme in your heart?
  • Drawing out God’s gift in you–what do you REALLY want to write about? And what is your ‘voice’?
  • I’m kind about changes and trust God to speak through your words
  • Decades of a wide variety of reading provide a solid reference and knowledge base
  • Spelling and punctuation are a specialty, grammar-sleuthing is one of my favorite things. 


  • Book Proposals
  • Bible Studies
  • Magazine Articles
  • Rough Drafts/Outlines
  • Works in Progress-Fiction or Non-Fiction

Here is what Past Clients have said:

  • pure eyes clean heartJody Collins offers so much more than simple editing services. My husband and I asked her to help us as we wrote the chapters for our book. While we had an official editor from our publishing company, it was so great to have Jody read through the chapters prior to our editor seeing them. She was able to read and edit with a big-picture perspective, enabling us to see how we could improve our overall flow and increase the reader’s understanding of our material.” Jen Ferguson, co-author of Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: A Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography
  • “Jody is so much more than an editor, though she is that, too. She reads carefully and responds thoughtfully. But just as helpful as her ideas for improvement are her encouragement, her excitement, and her I’m-for-you attitude, all of which makes her thoughtful critique a sweet pill to swallow.” –Kimberlee Conway Ireton, author of  Cracking Up: A PostPartum Faith Crisis (Mason/Lewis Press, 2013) and The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year (InterVarsity Press, 2008).  Kimberlee blogs at KCIreton  and co-leads a Seattle area writers group.                     
  • “Jody was great help at editing the first two chapters of my women’s Bible study. Her sharp attention to details, tempered with gentleness, helped me to see and correct errors in my writing. Her suggestions overall expanded the marketability of my project.  Her input left me feeling confident as a writer. My previous experiences with other editors left me feeling beat down and insecure. Jody edits with a clear eye and a loving heart.” –Laura Smedley, writer and certified Christian Life Coach. Laura blogs at journey girl.   Here’s a link to her Bible Study: Desert Blooms–Finding God in Seasons of Waiting

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

RATES  vary depending on the project. Line editing/copy editing is on a per word basis.

Email me heyjode70{at}yahoo{dot}com and let’s talk!






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