Hi there! I have a confession. I used to be afraid of poetry.

I was pretty sure understanding it was way above my pay grade. In many ways I felt intimidated–What if I missed the meaning? What was the poet “really” trying to say? ((And why should I care?))

Maybe you can relate.

If this sounds like you, and you’re willing to make friends with poetry, you’ve come to right place. 

Why the tagline Poetry & Made Things?

It has been said we are God’s handiwork, his ‘poem,’ from the Greek, ‘poiema’, God’s made thing. So when we write a poem, it is a ‘made thing.’

So how does one begin to make peace with poetry? Dabble a bit, get their toes wet, or jump in?

I can show you how. I’m of the “jump right in” persuasion and love meeting new people, especially writers. I showed up at their readings and workshops, went to conferences. I reached out to get to know them better and surprise! many actually responded. I discovered poets are like regular people! And they’re funny. And musical.

The difference? Poets know how to listen and observe the world, distilling it in words both brief and powerful, making every line count. Which was the magic I was looking for all along but couldn’t put a name to.

So, if you’re not sure whether Poetry is for you, I get it. I am here to help.


After I made friends (literally) with the form by reading and scribbling and reading some more, I dove in and began publishing some poems myself online. You can read a roundup of recent work by clicking on the blue button below. 

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Annual cycles in our physical world also mirror our interior lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Readers will find the poems in Hearts on Pilgrimage echo the seasons, from Winter and its time of dormancy and rest, through Spring bringing new life, Summer with its burgeoning growth and flourishing, into Fall with an eye towards harvest and a future. Travelers will find a welcome poetic companion as they journey through whatever season is ahead, eyes and ears wide open to that invisible Kingdom drawing us home.

Hearts on Pilgrimage-Poems & Prayers, January (2021).       Purchase Hearts on Pilgrimage

New Ebook

Emmanuel Poems-Verses for the Holidays invites readers to dip into the vast ocean that is poetry, combined with the deep well of mystery surrounding Christmas. Emmanuel means “God with us,” a title that umbrellas the theme of these poems, that God sent his son to inhabit our everyday world.

Several poems accompany the season of Advent’s forty days, from the prophecy in “Dayspring from on High” and “Anna Waits” to the preparation of our homes and hearts in “Search.Light.” The small ten poem collection ends with “Mystery,” a poem weaving Christ’s birth with the threads of his death and resurrection, the real reason that He came.

Ten inspiring poems & nine whimsical watercolors illuminating the mystery & wonder of the Christmas season, from Advent to Epiphany. Order on Amazon today.

What I’ve Learned Can Help You

When I wrote and released my books I learned a lot. Now I help other people in the process as a freelance editor and consultant on their projects. I can coach you on navigating the maze of social media & book launches plus everything in between from blogging to book proposals. What I’m especially passionate about is giving wings to your words so they can fly, namely through self-publishing. For more info about my services just click below.

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