The Daily News {{a #poem}}

“They came out of the tombs and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people.” Matthew 27:52,53 There it was buried, just a short paragraph News so astounding I wanted to laugh. I’d never read it, but this time ‘twas clear Hundreds of people once dead were right here. Walking around, as free as you please, Their appearance as … Continue reading The Daily News {{a #poem}}

My Prayers Repeat Themselves–Some Thoughts on Worry

How does worry drive our prayers? I’ve been pondering this a lot lately as God has forced my hand at surrendering to Him what I cannot control. The truth is there will always be something amiss to inhabit our prayers and lead us into worry. We live in a “fallen & fractured world” as Sarah Young reminded me in my morning reading lately. Things are … Continue reading My Prayers Repeat Themselves–Some Thoughts on Worry

Scripture Walk-Psalm 37, Entry 1

Well, dear readers, this took a little longer than expected. A few posts back I committed in front of God and everybody to take a deep dive this coming year into Psalm 37. My intent was to one, provide some motivation to keep me on track to sharing regularly with my readers and two, because of that commitment to offer some focus, inspiration and encouragement … Continue reading Scripture Walk-Psalm 37, Entry 1

Status Update-Psalm 37 Scripture Walk

Dear Friends~ I’ve been gathering my thoughts and fine-tuning our Scripture Walk through Psalm 37, but it is taking me awhile! Spring is nearly upon us and life seems to be bursting at the seams. I continue to have brainstorms about what I want to say and what I’d like to add–a poem here, a song there, a downloadable graphic (all with clickable links) and … Continue reading Status Update-Psalm 37 Scripture Walk

Life Moves in Circles–Not a Straight Line

In a previous lifetime I spent many years in elementary classrooms and labored through daily routines required for young learners. One such activity was a calendar exercise where teachers dutifully pointed to a one-dimensional rectangular graph of squares labeled with days and numbers and names. “Today is……. Yesterday was….. Tomorrow will be….”, and the children recited what was expected of them, mimicking the words. I … Continue reading Life Moves in Circles–Not a Straight Line