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I have been so grateful for the response to my book Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas.   It’s a little bit amazing to me and exciting as well. All the readers (over 400!) that found the message about slowing down and simplifying the Christmas season–from Advent to Epiphany–makes me very happy. Many of them personally expressed surprise and thankfulness for finding a way to more peace and joy this year.

A second edition will be in the works for 2018 and I promise you’ll hear more about it come next Christmas season. There will also be an interactive website for Living the Season Well, with Resources and enrichment. (This year’s version was recently retired.)

If you’d still like a copy, I have signed editions of “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas” Available for $10, postage and tax included.                     

Drop me a line at heyjode70@yahoo dot com and we can connect!                                            Or you can order from Amazon here or Barnes & Noble.

J Dukes Lee endorsement


Living the Season Well invites readers to slow down and make Christmas about presence instead of presents. Beginning with Advent and extending to Epiphany (and beyond), Jody explains the basic framework of the church calendar, provides historical context for many of our cultural traditions, and offers accessible suggestions to help family members of all ages shift their focus from consumerism to Christ. If you’re ready for a frenzy-free holiday season infused with purpose and peace, this little book will show you how to start small and start now.”

                              —Jeanne Damoff, Speaker, Workshop Leader, author of Parting                                                                                         the Waters, Finding Beauty in Brokenness

I read this book during an especially busy season, when the last thing on my mind was Christmas. But when I finished the last page, I was shocked to discover that I could hardly wait for the season to arrive. Jody Collins is like a real-life, wide-eyed Christmas elf, helping you see the season the way God intended. Living the Season Well is full of inspiration, practical help, wisdom, and humor. It made me long for more of Jesus. This book is a delightful invitation to slow down and savor the season – and the Savior.”

                            —Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare and Love Idol

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