Praise for Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas

(Available November 1st!)

Living the Season Well invites readers to slow down and make Christmas about presence instead of presents. Beginning with Advent and extending to Epiphany (and beyond), Jody explains the basic framework of the church calendar, provides historical context for many of our cultural traditions, and offers accessible suggestions to help family members of all ages shift their focus from consumerism to Christ. If you’re ready for a frenzy-free holiday season infused with purpose and peace, this little book will show you how to start small and start now.”

—Jeanne Damoff, Speaker, Workshop Leader, author of Parting the Waters, Finding Beauty in Brokenness

I read this book during an especially busy season, when the last thing on my mind was Christmas. But when I finished the last page, I was shocked to discover that I could hardly wait for the season to arrive. Jody Collins is like a real-life, wide-eyed Christmas elf, helping you see the season the way God intended. Living the Season Well is full of inspiration, practical help, wisdom, and humor. It made me long for more of Jesus. This book is a delightful invitation to slow down and savor the season – and the Savior.”

—Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare and Love Idol

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From the Introduction:

The holiday season can run from peaceful moments of humming along to Christmas tunes while drinking your favorite beverage to the all-out craziness of the Christmas morning extravaganza. In between is all the preparation and planning while that quiet voice reminds us what the season is all about—peace, joy, family and Jesus. It can be hard to find a balance with it all.

Parents do their best to manage this tricky equation of dealing with the pressure to provide nonstop happiness and joy for their kids while keeping the heart of Christmas. Most often, though, all that fun and excitement leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed while the joy and peace we crave are lost. I know I’ve experienced many Christmas mornings where the surroundings mirror my senses: discarded gift wrap, left over boxes and used-up bows lay in piles on the floor; I feel worn-out. Maybe you can relate.

Because we are connected beings—body, soul and spirit—when one part of us is out of balance, it affects all the rest. Instead of succumbing to a season that wants to “fling bling and tinsel at us right through December,” I pray you’ll begin the journey of making small changes now that will leave more room in this Christmas season for the joy and peace your family craves. 

When someone asks, “Are you all ready for Christmas?” you will have an answer that reflects a subtle shift, a slowing down and a simplifying of the season in a way that gets to the heart of Christmas. 

This is the heart of Living the Season Well.”

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