Hi, I’m Jody, a California transplant in love with Seattle–rain & sunshine both–even after 25 years. Coffee makes me happy, walking makes me happier, and writing makes me happiest. Back in the day (read–in print), my essays were published in our city’s newspaper. More recently my words have been on the web at (in)courage, Makes You Mom, The High Calling and Jennifer Dukes Lee, Grace Table and Altarwork.
My training and background is in education, but the words have always been there as I pour them out in verses for my King. Psalm 45 verse 1 is engraved pretty much on my heart.

Since I began writing online in 2012, my role has changed from -writing, talking, writing- all the time to refining my place here in the blogosphere.

God’s continued to confirm that to show me I’m really a……


Nothing makes me come alive more than seeing you live into your calling as a writer and follower of Jesus.

No one else sees what you see.
No one else hears what you hear.
No one else’s heart beats like yours.
What are you hearing Jesus speak to you today?

Write it down.  I love cheering you on.

 My sporadic thoughts are journaled here on faith, on writing and on books; you can read my posts by clicking on the ‘Blog’ tab up top. And if you’d like to follow along, just click the ‘Follow’ button on the sidebar.
I am also passionate about coaching and editing and would love to connect with you about your writing project. More info about my experience and background is on the “Writing/Editing Services” tab.
Drop me a line at heyjode70 at yahoo dot com and let’s talk!
I also write a quarterly newsletter “Random Acts of Writing–Miraculous & Mundane” to encourage and inspire and share what’s brewing in my scattered brain. You can sign up here.
If you’d like to get to know a little more about me, click Here
I find a lot of joy posting photos and encouragement over on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find me opinionating (that’s a verb, right?) over on Twitter.
Now it’s your turn. Leave a note in the comments about where you see God working today. I’d love to hear.

A few more details, written in third person, clearly the most awkward way to write:

Jody has known Jesus since she was 19 and got dragged to Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, back in the 70’s during the Jesus Movement. She wrote a poem about it here.

She and her husband have been married over 40 years and currently live near Seattle, their home for 25 years. (They miss California only a little; they miss Yosemite a LOT.) Jody and her husband worship at this Foursquare Church, where she serves on the Worship Team. In addition to vocals, she’s recently learned how to play the Peruvian cajon–a ‘beat box’ kind of drum–the most.fun.ever.

After 25 years in Elementary Education, Jody is officially retired (at least from teaching). As often as possible, she hops on the freeway to visit her two married children and 5 grandkids, who thankfully all live no more than 3 hours away. When she’s not at her desk reading and writing, you’ll find her out in the garden, weeding and worshiping in her other happy place.

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