Why “Three Way Light?”

When I christened this blog in 2012, I had in mind a phrase I’d read in an interview with Phyllis Theroux. She was discussing her newest book “The Journal Keeper,” recounting how she’d chronicled her life via journaling. (Poets and Writers, Mar/April 2010.) Theroux explained she didn’t write about everything, but rather used her journals as “a place to collect the light.”

It was my goal to do the same—for this little interweb space to be a place to collect the light. ‘Collecting the Light’ didn’t work as a website at the time (taken I guess) so Three Way Light was born—shining, reflecting and revealing.

I’ve been journaling for most of my adult life; with this focus in mind, my writing changed as to what I committed to paper. While living on this planet (with people!) is challenging on its best days, not to mention the trials we bring on ourselves, I could either record those incidents (and my accompanying reactions); or instead write about those things that were uplifting, beautiful and true. To that end, Three Way Light, like our lives, is always a work in progress.

God’s light illuminates our dark places (Psalm 119:130) often bringing revelation, healing and hope.

It shines brightly and offers warmth on our difficult soul days.

Light also reflects the glory of God all around us-in Creation (and people!) if we will but look for it.

My heart in this space is to be an encourager, connector and communicator. I am still growing in all those ways, learning how to share clearly those points of light.

Leadership and Serving

Through the connections afforded via the blogging community I’ve been able to meet and encourage a myriad of different folks (the reality of meeting people you’ve only ‘met’ online is a joy).

After being an attendee in 2014, I served on the Leadership Team for the 2015 Faith & Culture Writer’s Conference in Portland, OR, as Volunteer Coordinator. I wrote about that experience here.

In Fall of that year, I co-lead with Kimberlee Conway Ireton a Writer’s Retreat in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. We dubbed the gathering ‘Abide’ and spent our weekend parsing out poems and spending time with God, letting Him speak to us and through us. In the Fall of 2016 we met again for ‘Dwell’; they were very rich and rewarding experiences.

As fruit of the Abide Retreat, I founded Glory Writers, an online writing group where I facilitate conversations around inspiration, encouragement and information about the writing life. The Facebook group is ‘closed’–but please, just knock on the door and we will welcome you!

Bio in Third Person (clearly the most awkward way to write)

Jody has known Jesus since she was 19 and got dragged to Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, back in the 70’s during the Jesus Movement. She wrote a poem about it here.

She and her husband have been married over 40 years and currently live near Seattle, their home for over 20 years. (They miss California only a little; they miss Yosemite a LOT.) Jody and her husband worship at this Foursquare Church, where she serves in Women’s Ministry and on the Worship Team. In addition to vocals, she’s recently learned how to play the Peruvian cajon–a ‘beat box’ kind of drum–the most.fun.ever.

After 25 years in Elementary Education, Jody is officially retired (at least from teaching). As often as possible, she hops on the freeway to visit her two married children and 5 grandkids, who thankfully all live no more than 3 hours away. When she’s not at her desk reading and writing, you’ll find her out in the garden, weeding and worshipping in her other happy place.

You can connect with her on Twitter @jodyo70Facebook  and Instagram jodyo52 or via email at jodyo70 {at} gmail dot com.

NOTE: Snail mail is her favorite love language…you can send her an email to get her address. (yes, she sees the irony).20170217_205503

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