me at beach 5 yrs old
In my happy place. Redondo Beach, CA (ca. 1957)

I became a Christian during the 1970’s Jesus Movement in Southern California { you can Google it} and am daily amazed at God’s patience with me. Before I began writing online I spent over 20 years in Elementary School classrooms wrangling early learners from Kindergarten through 6th grade and loved it. I even survived teaching middle school for 2 years at the beginning of my career. That experience, including 5 yrs. working with kids with special needs, is all material for writing my way through the days.

Now that I’m retired from teaching, I consider gardening & weeding as therapy, along with scribbling essays and poetry in the margins of my days. My husband and I call the Seattle area our home and I’m grateful that my children and grandchildren are within driving distance. Spending time with them is among my greatest joys; I am Nana to 6, the newest of whom was born in August 2019.

What I learned from 25 years of teaching: I think concrete, sequential, analytical people are highly overrated, even though I’m married to one. Give me Abstract Random every time.

3 Random, Completely Unrelated Facts:

I once embarrassed singer/songwriter Judy Collins {Google again} onstage at a concert in Fresno, California, with a bouquet of chrysanthemums from my yard and telling her we shared (sort of) the same name.

-We lost my son Aaron in a crowd at Disneyland when he was 6 years old while we were lined up for the Electric Light Parade. We found him three hours later safe and sound with the nice people in Lost and Found. #parentsoftheyear 

One month before I completed my teaching program graduation I was informed I was 3 credits short–in Science! Grrrr…. Luckily I was able to make up the credits in the summer by taking a weeklong backpack trip. Did I mention I was 40 years old at the time? We hiked up over 12,000 feet from the Yosemite Valley floor and I nearly died (altitude sickness). However, I will never forget the astonishment of sitting on a bare granite outcropping 14,000 feet above the earth, staring up at the moon. Surviving that trip was one of the most difficult, memorable achievements of my life.

I grew up. Still love the beach. (Encinitas CA 2019)


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