me at beach 5 yrs old
In my happy place. Redondo Beach, CA (ca. 1957)

Before I began writing online my words ended up in print in places like our local newspaper and Instructor and People Magazine. My first check for published writing was $75.00. Smile. Most of my work was narrative essays and Letters to the Editor. I can be opinionated when it comes to children and the subject of education. Oh, and how to be a Christian. Still working on that.

I decided to go back to school as a mom when I was 36 and graduated at the age of 40. I spent over 20 years in Elementary School classrooms wrangling early learners from Kindergarten through 6th grade and loved it. I even survived teaching middle school for two years at the beginning of my career.

Now that I’m retired, I consider gardening & weeding as therapy, along with scribbling essays and poetry in the margins of my days. I do n o t miss the rush for the early morning bell…. but I kinda miss recess.

My husband and I call the Seattle area home where we’ve been part of a Foursquare Church for over 30 years. I’m grateful my children and grandchildren are within driving distance. Spending time with them is among my greatest joys; I am Nana to six, ages 3 1/2 to 20 (as of Spring 2023).

What I learned from 25 years of teaching: I think concrete, sequential, analytical people are highly overrated, even though I’m married to one. Give me Abstract Random every time.

I grew up. Still love the beach. (Encinitas CA 2019)


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