Published Elsewhere

Back in the Dark Ages, when ‘Published’ meant work in print, I was a frequent contributor to our local paper, the Fresno Bee (Central California). Many of those articles exist only as clippings in a folder labeled “Fresno Bee-Me.” One of those articles, for which I received my first check, is available on microfiche. Not sure what microfiche is? Google it, of course.

And, because I always seem to have something to say, many, many of my Letters to the Editor were printed in places as varied as Instructor Magazine (I was an elementary teacher for a whole lot o’ years) and People. I also have a folder stuffed with letters to the Editor of the Bee. I can be rather opinionated. 

More recently, in the Lighter Ages, I had the privilege of contributing to “Bombshells-War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront” edited by Missy Martin, where a piece I wrote about my nephew was included.

My online work has appeared in these virtual spaces:

3 thoughts on “Published Elsewhere

    1. Oh my goodness….and here we are years later as friends! I just looked it up–your story’s right after mine. What are the chances?
      I probably read it the first go ’round but will take time to look at it again.
      (What a small world–so glad you’re in it!)


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