Hearts on Pilgrimage-Poems & Prayers


Annual cycles in our physical world also mirror our interior lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. Readers will find the poems in Hearts on Pilgrimage echo the seasons, from Winter and its time of dormancy and rest, through Spring bringing new life, Summer with its burgeoning growth and flourishing, into Fall with an eye towards harvest and a future. Travelers will find a welcome poetic companion as they journey through whatever season is ahead, eyes and ears wide open to that invisible Kingdom drawing us home.

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Emmanuel Poems-Verses for the Holidays

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Emmanuel Poems-Verses for the Holidays Ebook invites readers to dip into the vast ocean that is poetry, combined with the deep well of mystery surrounding Christmas. Emmanuel means “God with us,” a title that umbrellas the theme of these poems, that God sent his son to inhabit our everyday world.

Several poems accompany the season of Advent’s forty days, from the prophecy in “Dayspring from on High” and “Anna Waits” to the preparation of our homes and hearts in “Search.Light.” The small ten poem collection ends with “Mystery,” a poem weaving Christ’s birth with the threads of his death and resurrection, the real reason that He came.

Ten inspiring poems & nine whimsical watercolors illuminating the mystery & wonder of the Christmas season, from Advent to Epiphany. Order on Amazon today.


Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas


Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas is a down-to-earth volume that encompasses the arc of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, introducing a new frame of mind about approaching the holidays.  Instead of December ramping up to the pinnacle of Christmas, with a vast let down for everyone the day after, LTSW puts forth some practical ways to reimagine the celebrations and reclaim their generosity with an outward, other focus.

For those whose church background has not afforded them a knowledge of the Church Calendar, its feasts and practices, LTSW also serves as an introduction to the “holy days.” Rather than throwing out traditions that are hallmarks of more “high church” celebrations, LTSW puts forth simple ways to adopt or adapt these traditions.

Over 450 readers have found the message about slowing down and simplifying the Christmas season–from Advent to Epiphany–a welcome word for the busy season of celebration surrounding the holidays. Read what people are saying about “Living the Season Well” HERE

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