Mining the Bright Birds

I strain towards the future,

eyes focused on the far away

past empty, quiet gray,

like looking for a hummingbird

in the snow.

I squint at fine twig lines

as they slice across white

over green in front

of the dormant sienna. I

spy her there, a gemstone

stately in her royal stance

among the branches.

It is no effort, truly, to find

my way through buried days,

if I but gentle my busy self,

settle and sit, sip and settle,

determine to welcome the daytime

darkness while mining the bright birds.

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  • Anonymous

    Even in the darkness, there are bright bits of beauty if we but slow down and look

  • Björn

    I love the walk you take us through.. a walk through daytime darkness.. very nice juxtapositions — there is some melancholy— but the acceptance/joy seems to be winning…

  • Anonymous

    “daytime darkness……” The finesse is magical in your description… Mining colorful birds from within their gray and dismal scene…… what a lovely picture my mind developed before I even looked at your photo. Good writing…

  • joanna

    I love that last verse especially… so quietly profound and lovely.

  • Brian Miller

    a walk in the woods is nice comfort…finding our way through the day is much easier when we look for the beauty in the world…and take our time…

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