#whyisitcalledahashtag {a #poem}

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Life & Faith | 5 comments

#whyisitcalled a hashtag?

and not a number sign
as in “#3”?
(or n-o period 3?)

For that matter,
why is it a “pound sign”?
(as in “Please enter your password,
followed by the pound sign?”
(my son did not weigh
7#’s 3 oz.
it was lbs., thank you.)

You’re calling it a hashtag
for tweeters who
twitter (or tweet?
yes, tweet……..
but that’s a bird)

Maybe it’s a hashtag as in
corned beefed hash–
in front of the tag?
as in, “tag, you’re it?”
as in….oh, I give up.

just tell me
why is it called a hashtag?


  1. Funny piece,and one I completely relate to. A Twitterer I'm not, nor do I twit or tweet or chirp like a bird. My hash comes on a plate, doused in ketchup, and my tags hang from clothing, telling me it costs too much. I wonder if I'm a luddite. If anyone thinks so, they can tweet it to #luddite, but sorry, I won't see it.

  2. haha…fun piece Jody. Sometimes things like this are so confusing…

  3. A lot of fun here – I think you are actually on to something with the corned beef hash as there is something mixed up about it all. And the tag – seems to me a bit like a clothing tag? I don't know, but this was fun. Thanks for your kind comments and concern. k.

  4. hahaha some fun word play in this…it becomes a whole other language….tweetspeak maybe…like texttalk…and minimizing words….


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